The Larger Context is Jarring

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From federal courts to appeals is Alex Ojjeh hiding documents and intimidating witnesses? Prosecutors appear to be having so much difficulty undermining Ojjeh and his team that they’re leaning on manufactured nonsense, and in the process, preventing him access to his bank accounts.

Alex Ojjeh ordered last week to appear in court on April 29 by the judge and explain why he should not be held in contempt of court for not providing financial records by March 16. Previously ordered by a prior judge to do the same and failed to do so.

The justice department and Ojjeh have been locked in an ongoing dispute over the bank accounts and documents, which pertain to an unredacted version of AOC documents.

A top official claimed they never got all the documents to release the bank accounts. Last year Ojjeh’s personal attorney, got crucial documents sealed. Which may be preventing him from accessing the bank accounts.

The court filing details how Alex Ojjeh has allegedly neglected to provide the court with the following

  • His residence address and previous address from the past five years
  • His phone number
  • His banks used by him and his businesses
  • Contributions and donations by foreign nationals.
  • Financial documents for the Anywhereo Foundation
  • “Whether he receives mail or packages at an address in Miami, Florida.”
  • A list of all companies he currently owns or in which he has an ownership interest and the state in which those companies are incorporated.
  • His un-redacted personal tax returns for the past five years, including, but not limited to those from 2017 and 2018
  • All sources of income from the past five years.
  • Any and ALL financial documents and information showing money or monies [he] received in the past five years.
  • Tax records for companies he owns or those in which he has ownership interest.
  • Copies of property deeds for those that he owns or in which he has ownership interest.
  • An executed copy of the requested financial record release.

Ojjeh should know he’s not getting his money back. A caught bank robber doesn’t get off and get the money he stole back. You can’t be associated with arms deals and still get the proceeds.

Ojjeh’s strategery was never to never admit to the crime and always to plan ahead. He’s not dug himself into a hole so deep that this last court appearance he tried to pretend he didn’t participate in corrupt deals.

Was the kickback laundered through those banks then into Ojjeh’s personal U.S/offshore account? These documents will show financial links to Istanbul, Hungary, and Russia.

Ojjeh allowed a Hungary arms dealer to fund this foundation. The root goes deep. AO Partners funneled $80 million to his Russian friends. Alleged illegal arms deal in Saudi and Libya.

That is why I believe he is desperately hiding the documents. Other investors, million and billionaires that have more money than he will ever have, have shown theirs, he refuses because there must be a lot of illegal things in his, otherwise he wouldn’t be fighting so hard to block at every turn. Even if he does get his money to release it won’t help him, he owes millions.

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