More Businesses are Switching To VoIP. What are the Main Reasons?

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Advantages of VoIP

There are many businesses that rely on voice or video communication that are switching to voice over internet protocol (VoIP). According to different survey reports, the VoIP market will grow till 2028 or even till 2030.

This market growth is quite visible as we can see that now even the small businesses are switching their audio and video communication over VoIP. They are fed up with the traditional landline calling as there are so many problems. Here we can see some obvious advantages of using VoIP services from a commercial audio video solutions provider.

1. Voice Quality

For a business that relies on audio calls, the quality of the voice is very important. If there is some kind of distortion or background noise in the call then both parties can’t understand each other’s point of view.

On a VoIP call, internet protocols are used and the bandwidth is higher as well, so the voice quality is far better than the traditional landline phone. The technology of audio codecs can make the voice so good that you feel it is crystal clear.

2. VoIP Cost

Another obvious advantage of the VoIP network is that it reduces the cost to a great extent. When a business cut of its unwanted expenses, it is more open to growing. So more and more companies are switching to VoIP because they can reduce the cost of communication without compromising on the quality.

Moreover, you don’t need to buy new hardware if you want to switch from landline to VoIP. In fact, you will get rid of a lot of hardware, especially the cables.

3. Mobility

One of the greatest advantage and main attraction for many businesses is the mobility. You are not bound to a single wired telephone connection in VoIP technology. You can take phone calls from anywhere in the world only if you have a good internet connection.

It means that if there is a power failure in your office, your employees can still work remotely if they have a stable internet connection at home or at some other work location.

4. Less Down Time

A high downtime for any business is dangerous for its growth. A business can lose hundreds of potential clients only if their communication system is down for a few minutes.

The main advantage of the voice-over internet protocol is that its downtime is very less and you can consider it to almost 0. A professional Voice over IP provider 99.999% uptime is a gold standard and this uptime means that there will be only a 6-minute downtime during the whole year.

Isn’t it great?

5. International Calls

You select any landline provider, there will be huge charges for long distant calls. Especially the international calls are very costly. Whereas, in the case of voice over internet protocol, international calls are very cheap.

Once again, the business using VoIP has a good chance to reduce the expenses if they have to make international calls frequently.


You compare both, VoIP and landline, you will see that VoIP has a clear advantage over landline due to its various benefits that we have discussed above. Based on these numerous advantages of VoIP, businesses and companies are switching to VoIP technology.

This trend is a clear indication that the VoIP market will keep growing till 2028 for sure.

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