3 Simple and Easy Ways To Improve The VoIP Call Quality

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Improve VoIP Call Quality

For communication and data services, VoIP is the latest technology that is in use on a commercial level. Especially the video calling and conference calling in the official meetings are done over the VoIP technology. The reason for this increasing trend is obvious, it is the quality of voice and other data services that we can get on VoIP.

Especially in the lockdown, the usage of Voice over IP (VoIP) has been increased. More businesses are now offering their employees to work from home and for that they need VoIP. The quality of the voice and data can be compromised because of the increased traffic.

Check these 3 simple and ways to improve the VoIP quality.

Upgrade Ethernet Cord

It is true that structured data cabling plays a vital role in communication but the category of ethernet cables is also very important. Most of the VoIP service providers install the old generation cable which is called Category 5 or CAT5. It can only transmit data up to 125 MHz.

The easiest fix is to replace your ethernet cable. You can upgrade it to a Category 6 or CAT6 cable that can transmit double the data as compared to a CAT5 cable. CAT6 voice data cabling setup can transmit 250MHz data that will definitely improve the quality of voice services.

User Routers That Supports VoIP

Many users, especially home-based users are using routers that are missing the VoIP features. When there are not VoIP features in the router, obviously you can’t get the best services for VoIP.

Make sure that you are using a router that can support some basics features that are required for VoIP. QoS or Quality of Service is a feature that you can manage yourself to prioritize one type of traffic. Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is another feature that a router should have. It is useful to deliver the data from client to server with full reliability.

If your router supports virtual LAN (VLAN) then it is a big plus for you. It helps to group & disperse the data based on where latency is lowest. Routers with these features are easy to set up without having extra knowledge of the network. The default setup process will manage everything for you.

Buy a New Headset

To improve the quality of VoIP, it is very important to reduce the noise. Your old cheap earpiece or headphone might not have this feature. You can find a variety of headsets online that will cost you from as low as $1 to as high as $300 or above.

The cheaper headsets will not help you in getting a clear voice. Whereas some high-quality headsets will have the ability of noise cancelation. When you use such a headphone, the quality of the voice will be increased and you will get the crystal clear voice.


So, if you want to improve the quality of VoIP then you should improve your cabling structure and its category, along with that, you need to replace your router with the latest one. Also, you would require a good headset that can cancel the noise and can improve voice clarity.

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