What Are The Breastfeeding Benefits for Moms and a Newborn Baby

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When you become a mother, you have to face many challenges and have to make many decisions for your baby and for yourself. The most important decision of all is to choose the best nutritional diet for your baby. From the researches, various benefits of breastfeeding for a baby are proved. Breastfeeding a baby is necessary for up to 2 years.

Every doctor advises breastfeeding as the best source of diet for babies and many promotional campaigns run on the importance of breastfeeding.

Breast milk is the best form of nutrition that is full of benefits for an infant’s growth, development, and immunity. It cannot be replaced by cow’s milk or synthetically prepared milk for babies sold in the market.

Neither any other food can act as a substitute for milk for babies up to the age of two, to provide similar nutritional enrichment.

Breastfeeding is not only beneficial for babies, but also for mothers in different ways. Breast milk is known as liquid gold. In medical terms, the thick yellow milk coming from your breast during and just after pregnancy is called Colostrum. It is the milk that is full of nutrients and which is rich in antibodies.

It acts as an immune-protective shield for your baby and helps him grow in a healthy way by preventing illnesses. The amount of milk production depends on how often your baby needs milk.

Benefits of Breastfeeding for a Baby

There are various benefits of breastfeeding for a newborn baby which is scientifically proven. Here, we will talk about a few benefits of feeding your newborn baby with mother’s milk.

  • Breastfeeding matches the needs of your growing baby. The first milk that is colostrum changes into matured milk after three to four days of birth and it contains a balanced amount of fat, sugar, protein, and water which is necessary for your baby’s development.
  • It is easier for babies to digest breast milk which is the biggest benefit of breastfeeding. Premature babies can be best benefited by this digestive milk. Formula milk is made from proteins taken from cow’s milk and it is heavy and takes some time to get digested.
  • Breast milk also helps in maintaining the immunity of the digestive system mechanism of the newborn baby.
  • Another benefit of breastfeeding is that this milk is a fighter against diseases. The antibodies in mother’s milk help babies to fight against illness. It also helps in lowering the risk of Sudden infant death syndrome.
  • Formula milk cannot match this benefit of breast milk in any case. In some cases, formula milk is the cause of illnesses like diarrhea, necrotizing, asthma, obesity, and infections in respiratory systems.
  • It is the best natural way of optimal development for babies.
  • Your baby’s IQ is benefited by the superior nutrients provided by breast milk as found by many researchers.
  • The skin contact created by breastfeeding provides babies a feeling of more emotional security than bottle-feeding. It increases and strengthens the bond between mother and baby.
  • The oral muscles get stronger by sucking off the breast, and it also helps in the development of stronger facial bones.
  • Among all countless privileges of breast milk, one is that it protects those properly breastfed for two years from diseases like age-related bone problems and diabetes mellitus, throughout their life

Breastfeeding Benefits For Moms

With various benefits of breastfeeding for a baby, it is also beneficial for the mother as well. Here are some breastfeeding benefits for moms if she breastfeeds their newborn baby:

  1. Breastfeeding is easier and comfortable than bottle-feeding. There is no need to sterilize bottles and nipples every time your baby needs milk.
  2. You do not have to take care of the measurement as you do in formula milk preparation.
  3. During the nighttime, you do not have to wake up and get out of bed to prepare milk.
  4. It lowers the health issues risks in mothers. It helps in fighting against diseases like breast cancer, ovarian cancer, and type II diabetes.
  5. It helps in strengthening your bonding with your baby.

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