Kaftan Styling Tips From Fashion Gurus and Icons

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Celebs in Kaftan

Kaftan is one of the most versatile and most comfortable pieces that women can wear not only on the beach but on other occasions too. But if a person doesn’t know how to style such a piece of clothing, even the most expensive and latest kaftans may look outdated or boring.

So, for those who are wondering how to pull off a kaftan, here are some kaftan styling tips from fashion gurus and icons that can surely help whether they are going to attend a formal or casual party or gathering. For those who don’t have a kaftan yet, the options offered by Amani’s seem to be good.

  1. Pair With Jeans

One great way to wear a kaftan is to pair it with either skinny jeans, cropped pedal pusher jeans, or cigarette pants. When it comes to colors, one can choose anything she wants.

But white jeans can add a summary, light, and bright feel, whereas blue and black jeans, are universal classics that coordinate with almost everything. For those who have a plain, black-colored kaftan, patterned jeans can save the day, but remember it isn’t for the fearful.

Aside from jeans, wearing a long skirt and a kaftan at the same time looks good as well. Those who want to achieve a classy and regal look can never go wrong with palazzos.

  1. Accessorize

When it comes to a kaftan wearing classic and beautiful accessories is highly recommended. Without such stuff, the piece of clothing will look incomplete. Whether attending a casual or formal party, one needs to add a classic necklace or colored beads. In fact, some women are wearing a broad pair of earrings with their kaftans.

For those who want to pull off a chiffon kaftan with elegant small prints, they can never go wrong with diamonds. Often, slim ladies highlight their clothes with a belt.

  1. Layer It With A Jacket

When layered with a jacket, a kaftan will look more gorgeous. An embroidered kaftan will look good with a plain-colored jacket.

Jackets are available in many different lengths. In general, waist-length jackets go perfectly with short kaftans. Long kaftans, on the other hand, are best paired with a knee-length, open jacket. This style also goes well when wearing a skirt under the kaftan.

  1. Choose The Right Footwear

Like jackets and jeans, kaftans also go well with different footwear. Footwear can make a person shorter or taller especially when wearing a kaftan. However, the kaftan’s print matters too.

When wearing a printed kaftan with either small or large prints, consider wearing a pair of heels that is one color only. The same rule applies when wearing a colorful kaftan with sequins. For bold print kaftans, black wedges or heels can be the best options. But those who want to look chic and casual, simply wear a pair of slip-on shoes.

  1. Don’t Forget The Hairdo

A kaftan has a unique personality but one can make it even more glamorous by paying attention to her hairstyle. While this usually depends on the occasion and its nature, styling kaftan with the hair can surely improve the overall look.

When wearing a kaftan, one can let her hair flow naturally by leaving it open or flaunt a waterfall hairstyle to add sophistication. Additionally, for both informal and formal settings, a boho-chic hairstyle can also work wonders with kaftans. But for a single-colored kaftan adding hair accessories can elevate the entire look.

Final Message

A lot of people have been wearing kaftans since ancient times. However, the trends to wear such a piece of clothing have changed over the years. Hopefully, with the above-mentioned styling tips, women can make the most out of their kaftans without any trouble.

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