Published On: Tue, Nov 2nd, 2021

5 Times When Neha Malik Sets Internet on Fire in Gym Wear

Neha Malik is a new Indian sensation who sets the internet on fire with her beautiful bikini photos. She is also a fitness-motivated girl who loves to flaunt her assets in gym wear. Today, we will talk about the 5 times when Neha Malik sets the internet on fire wearing hot gym wear.

On different occasions, Neha Malik posted her pictures on her Instagram account. She posted her pictures wearing sports bras and leggings showing her curvey body. Neha wants to motivate the young girls to get a perfectly toned body.

For this reason, Neha Malik collaborated with different gym wear brands as well. She wears hot and sexy sports bras and leggings to show that she has perfect curves that can attract the opposite sex.

Here you can watch Neha Malik’s workout video in another gym wear.

So let’s check how Neha Malik sets Instagram on fire, on 5 different occasions with her hot and sexy gym wear pictures.

1. Neha Malik Wearing Glamfit Gymwear

Neha Malik Wearing Glamfit Gym wear

During the lockdown, Neha Malik collaborated with the premium quality gym wear brand of India, i.e Glamfit. Obviously, she can’t join the gym so she posted her hot pictures while wearing the Glamfit wear and standing on her home’s balcony.

Neha Malik GymWear

Hot Neha Malik in GymWear

Neha Malik looks sultry in her leopard-printed sports bra that has crossed strips on her back. The sports bra provided a good cleavage view that her fans liked a lot.

Neha Malik Gym Wear Glamfit

Neha Malik Glamfit GymWear

The tights she wears with that sports bra has also leopard printed parts. Some fans also commented slang about the round butts of Neha Malik in the tight leggings of Neha Malik.

Neha Malik Curvey As in GymWear

Neha Malik Curves Gym Wear

A weak later, Neha was able to go to the gym and she wear the same Glamfit gym wear. She posted her video on her Instagram account while workout out in the gym wearing the same hot gym wear.

2. Neha Malik Wearing Firmabs Brand

On October 11, 2021, Neha Malik once again set the internet on fire when she posted her pictures wearing Firmabs brand. This beautiful white gym wear looks fabulous and Neha flaunts her assets beautifully in this outfit.

The white sports bra has a front zip that makes it easy to remove the bra or to wear this super hot bra. The yellow color crossed strips on the back make the look more beautiful and sexy.

You can have a peek at Neha Malik cleavage as well as she opened the zip of the bra slightly.

Neha Malik Firm Abs Gym Wear

Neha-Malik-Firmabs-Gym wear

Neha Malik Firm Abs Brand Gym wear

Neha Maliks shows her abs as well in this Firmabs gym wear brand. She also clicked a few pictures while posing to show her back and well-shaped booty.

While sitting on a foot, her round booty exposes very well and a lot of naught fans admired Neha Malik’s round booty.

Neha-Malik-Hot-Gym Wear

Neha Malik White Gym Wear Firm Abs

Here you can watch another look of Neha Malik wearing anti-cellulite leggings and a sports bra.

3. Neha Malik Wears Zasuwa Sports Wear

On October 20, 2021, Neha Malik posted her gym wear pictures where she was looking sultry. This photoshoot was a paid promotion of the brand Zasuwa Sports Wear.

Neha Malik Zasuwa Sports Bra


Neha Malik used the caption on her Instagram post: “Brain 🧠 Beauty 🥰 Booty 🍑”

This time, Neha wears beautiful gym wear which is an orange pattern design. This time, she had two ponytails which looks good on her and she was wearing the white joggers as well.


Neha Malik Hot Curves Gym Wear

Neha Malik Hot Gym wear Photos

4. Neha Malik Look Sultry in Green Gym Wear

Neha Malik Zasuwa Hot Gym wear

This time, Neha Malik sets the internet on fire in a real sense. She was looking so sultry, hot, and sexy in this hottest ever gym wear by Zasuwa sportswear.

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It was a 3 piece gym wear that includes a hot deep neck sports bra, tight leggings, and a beautiful front open full sleeves jacket. So, overall that is the best package for the hottest Indian fitness model like Neha Malik.

Neha Malik Gym Wear Zasuwa

Neha Malik Zasuwa Hot Gym wear

Neha Malik Fitness Goals

In this photoshoot, she showed her curved booty and big breasts out of the sports bra. These pictures of Neha Malik were liked by some people, while a lot more other fans criticized her for showing her deep cleavage more than ever before.

A few people were there who commented that rather than these hot and sexy photos, we would like to see Neha Malik naked. Because there is not much difference between these pictures and naked Neha Malik.

Neha Malik Gym wear Fitness

Neha Malik Sports Bra Cleavage

Neha Malik Curvey booty Gym Wear

5. Neha Malik Yellow Green FirmAbs Gym Wear

Neha Malik once again makes her fan happy by wearing sexy yellow-green gym wear by Firmabs brand. This time she makes the ponytails again to look funky and also wears white joggers.

Her fans loved her new look in this sexy gym wear exposing Neha Malik’s booty and breasts.

Neha Malik Firm Abs GymWear

Neha Malik FirmAbs Brand GymWear

Neha Malik FirmAbs-Brand Gymwear

Neha Malik Green GymWear Firm Abs

These were my favorite outfits of Neha Malik in which she looks damn hot. I believe that she is liked by a lot of young girls as she is a fitness motivation for them, whereas more boys love her because of her hot and sexy body.

So, which one is your favorite photo? Tell us using the comment section below.