What is the Full Form of eTA? Definition and Meaning of ETA

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what is full form of eta

If you are looking for the meaning, the definition of the full form of ETA (eTA), then you are at the right place. Here you will get the meaning of the term ETA.

The meaning of the ETA can change according to the sentence structure or the situation where you are using the term ETA. You need to understand when someone used this term and in what context he is using it.

What is the Full Form of ETA?

As I mentioned earlier, that there are various meanings and different full forms of ETA, so here I am going to list down a few of the possible meanings of ETA.

ETA = Estimate Time of Arrival

When you are expecting someone to visit your place, or you need to go to the airport to welcome someone and you ask him what is your expected ETA? Then here the meaning of ETA will be an estimated time of arrival.

eTA = Electronic Travel Authorization

When you are dealing with visas or you need to enter a country and at the entry point you are asked to show your eTA, then it is electronic travel authorization. This is an electric document that you get online and it acts as a visa.

ETA = Employment and Training Administration

When you are working with the US department of labor, and anyone uses the term ETA, then the full form of ETA will be employment and training administration.

ETA  = Electronics Technicians Association

In Greencastle, the city of Indiana, when you use the term ETA, then ETA stands for electronics technicians association.

ETA = Environmental Transport Association

When you are in UK and someone or you use the term ETA, then most of the people will understand it as ETA full form as environmental transport association.

ETA = Egyptian Tourist Authority

In the travel industry again, when you use the term ETA in Egypt then the meaning of ETA will be Egyptian Tourist Authority.

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