Who is Miss Ken? Biography, Net Worth and More About Plus Size Influencer

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Miss Ken Biography

Miss Ken is one of the fewest plus-size influencers who gained a lot of fan following on Instagram and other social platforms. Normally people love to follow slim and smart models, actresses, and other celebrities. But a few intelligent and creative influencers can gain more followers with their creativity even if they are plus size. Miss Ken is one of those creative influencers.

Ken was born in Missouri and also got her early education there. She studied health care in Missouri and was raised as an intelligent girl. She gained fans on her Instagram account where she posted a lot of stuff about health care and other informative topics.

Miss Ken gained popularity with her Y2K fashion sense and digital art. She also posted a few videos on her YouTube account where he talk about fashion and other things. Then she turned into a singer and songwriter as well.

On Spotify, she gained 6K+ followers and 15K+ monthly listeners. Miss Ken got maximum listeners from Buffalo city that is the second-largest city in the New York state of the United States. From this city alone, Miss Ken got 3.5K+ listeners on Spotify which is the most popular music platform.

Miss Ken also has listeners from Dallas, Chicago, Seattle, and New York City. Recently, Miss Ken has deleted all her posts from her Instagram account and now her account is totally cleaned. She had a caption on her account saying “MISSKEN.exe loading….”. She has deleted her profile picture and all the stories as well.

Miss Ken’s First Release on Spotify

On the 25th of March, she released her first song titled “Cherries” on Spotify. Within the first 24 hours of stream, she got about 10.5K streams on Spotify that is a big achievement for the first-time singer. London-based songwriter and singer Zaneita also joined Miss Ken in her first release.

Her second song “Miss Mary Jane” was totally a different tune and it was a super hit release of Miss Ken. At the age of 20, she got huge success. She was born on April 30th, 2001 in Missouri. So basically, Miss Ken is Taurus who are known for their hardworking, intelligence, and dedication.

We will update you about the full biography of Miss Ken, her Net Worth, career success, boyfriend, and much more very soon. Just keep visiting our blog and subscribe to it to get more details about Miss ken.

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