NeverEnding Story producers sue indie music artist for unauthorised audio samples

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NeverEnding Story TheLastYear

Australian Independent Music Artist StrangeJuice received worldwide viral fame with a 2013 hit song Calling Luci. Lead by Mike Anderson, the indie rock outfit has released 10 studio albums since then and the latest has achieved an instant spot on the charts.

This hasn’t gone unnoticed however by the makers of the globally successful 80s fantasy film The NeverEnding Story StrangeJuice’s latest album The Last Year opens with an audio bite from the film. “In the beginning, it is always dark…”. This has attracted the attention of the film producers who have issued a takedown notice.

The album, however, is still available online and is temporarily available for free download or pay as you wish. This has been credited as an attempt to rub it in the face of the film producers.

The artist has argued fair use in its homage to the film’s audio.

The 17 track Indie Rock album still remains available

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