How to Get in Shape? Hiring A Personal Trainer or Gym Membership?

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Personal Trainer or Gym Membership

Daily exercise should be a part of your lifestyle. Whether you are a male or a female, it is very important to get in shape so that you can adopt the trendy fashion to look beautiful. As a female, if you have a good body shape you can look stylish even with the frugal female fashion.

On the other hand, if your body shape is not good and you have a lot of fat, then you can’t adopt the latest fashion trends. Moreover, if you do daily exercise and get a perfect shape, it would be good for your health as well.

Most people ask a question, whether they should hire a personal trainer, or should they continue their gym membership? Hiring a personal trainer is a bit costly so that is why most people get a gym membership. But when your goal is to get in shape, then a personal trainer can help you much better as compared to a gym membership.

Why Gym Membership?

Gym Membership

In some cases, getting a gym membership is better than hiring a personal trainer. The best thing about a gym membership is that most gyms have qualified staff who knows how to start training beginners.

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Then, gyms have the latest equipment and you find any workout machine in a gym that is required for your fitness program. Whereas, when you hire a personal trainer to train you at your place, you won’t have many fitness machines.

Another great advantage of getting a gym membership is that you won’t get bored. While training alone at home, you can’t continue it for a long time and you will start getting boring every passing date. When you lose interest, you can’t achieve your goals and hence you will not be able to get in shape.

But one thing that you should be very careful is that you have qualified trainers and instructors in the gym.

If there are no trainers in the gym who can guide you properly then don’t get a membership for that gym. Some good gyms run by the professionals also have special gym classes and courses, like the 9 round fitness course.

Shannon Hudson, who is a professional kickboxer established ‘9 Round’ in 2007 and this is one of the best fitness training programs in the US.

Here you can check 9 Round Prices 2022 and you can select the duration of the membership as well. 9 Round Prices are based on 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months training courses. You can select the best term of 9 round prices.

Why Personal Trainer?

Personal Trainer

If you have proper fitness equipment, you can hire a personal trainer. Most professionals advise that it is not good for beginners to start training alone. When you have a personal fitness trainer, he will guide you about the workload.

Your personal fitness trainer will also guide you about your daily diet. He can prepare a diet chart for you to explain the daily calories intake. When you work out under the supervision of a trainer, you will not feel alone.

He will keep you motivated and remind you about the goals you need to achieve. A personal trainer will spend more time on you and can understand your body requirement better than the trainers at the gym. So, he will be able to prepare the best workout and diet program for you.

By the way, a personal trainer can also guide you on how to do bodyweight exercise without equipment.

Personal trainers are usually more educated as they have to spend more time with the clients. So, when you have a trainer with the latest fitness knowledge, you will get in shape quickly.


There are pros and cons to hiring a personal trainer and getting a gym membership. You need to evaluate which option will suit you. Personal trainers are usually costly so you have to check if it is good enough to spend extra money on hiring a personal trainer or not. I personally believe that if a gym has professional trainers, then gym membership is a good option.

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