Sakshi Malik Sets Internet on Fire With Her Sexy Yoga Poses

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Sakshi Malik Yoga Pose

Sakshi Malik is an Indian yoga fitness influencer, model, actress, and Instagram sensation. She is known for the movie Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety in which she appeared in the famous song Bom Diggy Diggy.

Sakshi is one of the best young social media fitness influencers who are the inspiration for many young girls. She use to post her fitness videos and yoga classes pictures on her Instagram account. With that, she also posts pictures from her personal life and her boyfriend.

Sakshi Malik Yoga Poses

Recently, Sakshi has set Instagram on fire when she posted her hottest ever Yoga pose pictures. She said that these are her favorite yoga poses that she try almost every single day.

Check these pictures when Neha Malik set the internet on fire wearing gym wear.

Sakshi Malik was wearing yoga trousers and a sports bra while she was doing her yoga workout at home. Her fans appreciated her as she was able to pos perfectly that can help those beginners who follow Sakshi as a fitness role model.

She posted 8 different yoga poses and listed down the name of every yoga pose.

Some of her fans posted weird comments about her yoga positions as well. Especially the last pose in which Sakshi puppy posed, a few users call it a doggy pose.

Whereas most of them like these poses it can help the young Indian girls who wanted to get in shape with simple and easy Yoga exercises at home.

So, let’s check the 8 different yoga poses by Sakshi Malik and we will try to explain each pose a bit as well.

Revolved Side Angle Yoga Pose

Revolved side angle pose Sakshi Malik

Sakshi Malik poses perfectly for the revolved side angle yoga pose which is also called Parivrtta Parsvakonasana. In this pose, you challenge your balance by the deep twist in a standing position.

It requires a lot of flexibility to keep your back heel grounded and it helps in strengthening the legs and core.

King Cobra Pose with Legs Up

Sakshi Malik Cobra with legs up Yoga Pose

Another difficult pose for beginners. Cobra pose is to strengthen your spine. This pose has 3 different variations. In the baby, cobra poses you just need to bend your back by lifting up your head and chest. Keep your hands on the mat across your chest level and bend your elbows towards your hips.

When you are comfortable with this position, you need to do the same pose but this time your hands should be straight. This pose is called Cobra pose in yoga.

The next stage is the King Cobra pose where the degree of curve or bend further increases. With that, you need to lift your legs up and try to touch your head with your feet. This is the most difficult yoga pose and even some Yoga experts fail to do this.

Sakshi Malik is not an expert so according to her comfort level, she showed this King Cobra pose or Cobra pose with legs up beautifully.

Head to Knee Yoga Pose

Sakshi Malik head to knee pose Yoga

Another great Yoga pose by Sakshi Malik, where she flaunts her assets from her sports bra as well. In head to the knee yoga pose, you need to bend your left knee and place your left foot against the right inner thigh.

The left leg should be stretched straight and now you had to bend down by stretching your back. You need to try to touch your right knee with the forehead while holding your right foot with both hands.

Stretching Lizard Pose by Sakshi Malik

Sakshi Malik Stretching lizard pose Yoga

This Yoga Lizard Pose is good to open up your hips. Sakshi Malik has a flexible body but she is not a yoga guru so she showed a very basic Liard pose.

But even for this lizard pose, you need to do work hard and need to stretch your body a lot.

Sakshi Malik Downward Dog Pose


Downward dog pose in yoga can hurt many beginners or they may feel it difficult to get into this pose. But Sakshi Malik’s downward dog pose is just perfect.

In this pose, you should open your hands at least to the level of shoulders and keep your fingers open outwards. Your full feet should touch the ground during this pose whereas, you need to lift your hips as high as you can.

In the perfect downward dog pose as done by Sakshi Malik, your legs should be straight, your back heels should be on the ground, your hips full higher and your back should be straight as well whereas your head should be down to the ground.

Just look at Sakshi Malik’s sexy pose how good she has posed for a downward dog yoga pose.

Three-Legged Downward Dog Pose

Three legged down dog Yoga Pose

This is almost the same as the downward dog pose, with the only difference being that you have to do it with one leg in the air. Both your hands should be on the ground just like the downward dog pose and your back should be straight.

Your hips should be as high as you can lift your hips without leaving the ground. That means your foot should be completely in touch with the ground and now you need to lift your one leg straight up in the air.

Instead of lifting one leg straight in the air, you can bend your leg in the air as well as Sakshi Malik shows in this pose.

Thread the Needle Yoga Pose

Thread the needle

Like all other yoga poses, thread the needle yoga pose also have different variations for different levels of flexibility. You can adapt the variation according to your body’s flexibility.

This pose will start from the tabletop pose. In which you should bend with the knees on the ground, your hips should be straight and align with the knees. Both your hands should be on the ground with straight arms and your hips, back spine and head should be at the same level.

Know you need to thread one of your arms under your body in such a way that your shoulder and the ear of the same side should touch the ground. Now you can stretch the other arm a bit forward to get in the shape. Look how Sakshi Malik has done this thread the needle yoga pose.

Just make sure that your hips should be straight and in alignment with the knees.

Sakshi Malik Hot Puppy Pose

Sakshi Malik Puppy Yoga Pose

Now, this was the pose where Sakshi Malik’s fans make fun of her position. Because this position somehow looks like… ahh, okay leave it.

So basically in this position, you need to keep your knees and feet on the ground. Keep your hips up and open your legs a bit. Your legs should be opened for almost the shoulders alignment.

Now you need to stretch forward by keeping your arms on the mat. Keep your face on the mat as well and try to touch the mat with your chest.

You will not be able to touch the mat with the chest in the beginning as it requires a lot of strength and flexibility. But with time you will be able to do that. Look how beautifully Sakshi Malik puppy posed here.

So, these were the 8 different sexy yoga poses by Sakshi Malik. Use the comment section below to let us know which one is your favorite pose? And have you tried any of these yoga poses to strengthen your body?

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