Published On: Wed, Jan 26th, 2022

Healthy Food: What to Exclude and What to Include in Your Diet Plan

Food to Exclude and Include

To live a healthy life and to enjoy it, you need to have healthy food and should adopt healthy habits. If your diet plan is not good, you can’t get the results from your daily workout or from the Yoga exercise.

Here is a brief guide about the healthy food that you should include in your diet plan. I am going to mention a few things as well that you should exclude from your food.

exclude fatty meat include fish

Exclude Fatty Meat

Though meat is a good source of protein you should have some meat in your diet. It will help to avoid any deficiency of proteins. But most of the time you are eating fatty meat which is not good for your health.

It adds extra fats to your body which causes weight gain and it also puts a strain on your heart. So try your best to exclude fatty meat from your daily diet.

Include Lean Fish

As a replacement to fatty meant, you can include lean fish like Tilapia, Halibut, and Flounder. Fish meat is a great source of proteins so your body will not face any protein deficiency.

By including fish in your diet, you are controlling your fats and also controlling your cholesterol level. It will not put any extra strain on your heart so you can live a healthy life by including this food in your diet plan.

Exclude processed sugar food

Exclude Processed Sugar Foods

There are a lot of snacks and processed foods that have a high level of sugar. Taking a high quantity of sugar is not good for the human body. Foods like packaged oatmeal, muffins, and cereal are full of processed sugar.

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These innocent-looking foods are not good at all for your health. Most people have this food in their breakfast. You should exclude this from your diet plan.

Include Natural Sugar Food

When you exclude processed sugar foods, you need an alternative to have some sugary food. Organic foods with natural sugar are the best alternative to processed sugary food.

You can include fruits in your diet. Having an apple or 2 bananas in your breakfast would be enough. You can include 1 or 2 dates as well in your healthy food.

exclude soda drinks include natural drinks

Exclude Soda Drinks

Processed drinks or soda drinks are again not good for the health. Though these drinks help in digesting your food, the sugar content in these drinks is high.

Soda is one of the biggest sources of empty calories, which means it provides calories intake without any added benefits. Soda is not good for your heart as well as it can cause many heart diseases.

So, without any second thought, you need to exclude soda drinks from your daily diet.

Include Natural Drinks With Proteins

Instead of soda drinks, you need to have natural drinks. Like fruit smoothies is the best drink to include in your diet. Fresh fruit juices are also very healthy. With that, you can prepare a protein shake as well by using a good quality protein powder.

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These protein shakes will be helpful for the recovery of your muscles in case you are doing the workout. But I would recommend you always get advice from your nutritionist before taking any protein shake before or after the workout.

Bottom Line

Healthy food is not expensive and you don’t need to work hard to find healthy foods. You can find various healthy foods around you and they are mostly organic foods.

To enjoy a healthy life, you should learn some yoga poses from Sakshi Malik as well. Yoga exercise is good for lifting your mood and getting rid of any anxiety.

Try to avoid processed food and foods full of fats and sugar. If you do this, you can enjoy your healthy life.