Tips to Cost Less Money on A Vacation in Singapore

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singapore vacations money saving tips

Singapore is one of the favorite tourist destinations for many tourists from all over the world. There are many exciting tourist choices that you can visit in Singapore. You can also find various best hotel in Singapore and cheap hotels with good facilities.

To make your vacation more enjoyable and cost less money, here are some tips for an affordable vacation to Singapore from Traveloka that you can apply during your vacation to Singapore!

Find Tickets with Promo Prices

The first and most important cheap vacation tips to Singapore for you to do is to look for promo tickets, which will definitely be cheaper than the usual price. Usually, every airline will provide promo prices on their flights at certain moments.

If you are lucky, you can get only a 40-50 USD plane ticket to Singapore. You can usually get this promo ticket information by following social media from certain airlines or by subscribing to the newsletter from the airline. You can also find promo tickets in Traveloka Lifestyle SuperApp.

Go To Free Tourist Places In Singapore

For those of you who prefer to save money when traveling to Singapore, you can come to free tourist attractions such as Orchard Road, Botanical Garden or Marina Bay.

Some of these places can be included in your itinerary interspersed with other paid tourist attractions so that you can save more on your expenses while on vacation there.

Take Public Transportation

You should use public transportation such as the MRT and not use a taxi. Actually, the transportation system in Singapore is excellent and organized, especially for tourists who vacation there. Like the MRT, although it is a relatively cheap public transportation, its safety and comfort are guaranteed.

The route from the MRT is also quite broad because it reaches many interesting tourist attractions in Singapore. You can even take this MRT starting from Changi International Airport.

Buy Singapore Tourist Pass Ticket

To be able to take public transportation more comfortably in Singapore, you can buy a Singapore Tourist Pass. With this one Singapore Tourist Pass card, you can get around Singapore by taking the MRT at an affordable price, which is around SGD 0.78 – SGD 2.28.

Another card that you can use is the EZ Link Card. Traveloka recommends using the EZ Link Card when you use the MRT more often. Meanwhile, you can only use the Singapore Tourist Pass for those who explore Singapore inside and out.

Bring Your Own Drinking Bottle

This may sound a bit trivial, but bringing your own drinking bottle when you go on a trip to Singapore is very important. In Singapore, you can easily find water taps for free. You just fill the bottle that you bring every time you find a water tap in every place you find.

These cheap vacation tips to Singapore will save your income more than if RedTraveler had to buy medium-sized mineral water priced at SGD 3.

Find Cheap and Clean Places to Eat

Although Singapore is one of the tourist attractions that is quite well organized and has many good tourist attractions, the places to eat here are pretty affordable. There are several choices of cheap and definitely clean places to eat in Singapore, such as a food court.

Don’t choose a place to eat like at Universal Studio Singapore because prices can be 2 times more expensive than the usual food prices. Some food courts such as Tekka Market or Chinatown are good choices. To save money, you can bring your own instant noodles or cereal from home.

Those are some cheap vacation tips to Singapore that you can apply. You can find some hotel promotion in Singapore with Traveloka Lifestyle SuperApp. Not only that, Traveloka can make your planning, booking, paying, rescheduling, and even refunding easier than ever. So, what are you waiting for? Book your room now on Traveloka!

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