What are the Different Styles and Types of Scarves?

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Scarf Types and Styles

A scarf is a separate piece of cloth that is used as a fashion accessory by both men and women. Men use a scarf to cover up their neck during the winter season whereas women take the scarf as women’s clothing accessories in different styles according to the event, season, and style they need.

If you know how to wrap a scarf according to your personality and the event, it can entirely transform your look. Different types of scarves are available in the market and they are classified into different types according to their use or their material. A scarf with a stylish kaftan looks impressive.

Scarfs For Men

Scarfs for men are one type of scarfs that are specially designed for men. The most common type of a men’s scarf is a muffler that men wrap around their neck.

Men wear these mufflers or scarfs with an overcoat during the winter season. A few can even wear a short-length scarf with a formal dress at their workplace. There are different colors are available in the men’s scarf but unfortunately, there are not so many designs and styles are available for men’s scarves.

Scarfs For Women

Since women are keen to adopt and invent new fashion trends, so there are a lot of different styles and designs are available for women’s scarves. They can wear a scarf in a lot of different ways.

Broadly, we can divide women’s scarves into three different ways based on the way they wrap them.

  • A long scarf that women can wear on their shoulders as a fashion accessory.
  • Fashion scarf that women wrap around the neck to keep warm and stylish as well.
  • Headscarves that most Muslim women wear as a religious obligation and a trendy style as well.

Here you can check online scarf options for women based on all of the above 3 classifications.

Muslim Women Scarf


Among these types of women’s scarves, a Muslim women’s scarf is a special kind of scarf. The basic purpose of using this scarf is to cover the head and hair.

Mostly we call this Muslim women’s scarf, a ‘Hijab’. The Muslim hijab is famous all around the world and mostly it is used to cover the head only. In some cases, some Muslim women also use a ‘Niqab’ as well as the Hijab. This type of hijab covers the head and the face of the women as well.

Only eyes and forehead is visible from this type of Muslim women’s scarf that has hijab and niqab. There are various benefits of hijab for Muslim women.

Different Types of Scarves (Based on Material)

We can also divide the women’s scarf into various different types based on the fabric or material used. These different types of scarves are available in all styles. That is, they can be wrapped around the neck, on shoulders or can be used as a headscarf aka hijab.

Check these scarf types based on fabric or material used:

Net Scarf

Mostly young girls and women use a net scarf as a fashion accessory. A lot of girls use a net scarf to add some style to their look. Whereas, women use the same net scarf to cover their shoulders when they wear dresses that expose shoulders.

Some modern Muslim women wear a net scarf as a fashion accessory. They wear it on their head in place of a traditional dupatta (used in Pakistan and Bangladesh mostly).

Net Scarves are also used as bridal headcovers in Muslim weddings. They also use a few more accessories with these bridal net headscarves.

Cotton Scarf

This is the most common type of scarf. Women wear a cotton scarf as a fashion accessory with jeans or skirts in western countries or salwar kameez in Pakistan.

Young girls like to wrap a cotton scarf around their necks to look more stylish. Cotton scarves are available in a lot of different colors and designs. Whereas, women use the cotton scarf as headgear or put it on their shoulders to have an elegant look.

Cashmere Scarves

This is a very special type of women’s scarf. The fabric of this scarf is heavy and it provides a great look when women wear it during the winter season. Cashmere scarves are good to keep you warm during the winter season. It protects your neck and shoulders from the cool breeze.

Women can wrap a cashmere scarf over almost any type of dress.

More Types of Scarves for Women

Neck Scarf
A few more types of women’s scarves are here which are based on the material used. These scarf types are:

  • Silk Scarf
  • Chiffon Scarf
  • Pashmina Scarf
  • Velvet Scarf
  • Wool Scarf
  • Acrylic Scarf

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