Aamna Sharif’s New Ripped Jeans Shoot Leaves Netizens Amazed

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Aamna Sharif Ripped Jeans photos

Indian model and actress from Kasautii Zindagii Kay, ‘Aamna Sharif‘ leaves netizens amazed with her latest shoot. Aamna Sharif shared her latest ripped jeans photos on her Instagram account.

Fans of Sharif were just amazed at her latest pictures. 39 years old Sharif was wearing ripped jeans and a white top exposing her belly. Her fans not only liked her pictures but they leave a few comments as well admiring her beauty.

First, look at this picture of Aamna Sharif, and then we will discuss a few comments on her photos as well.

Aamna Sharif Ripped Jeans

Aamna Sharif shared these pictures on her Instagram account. She is wearing blue ripped jeans with a white top and her blonde hair looks just perfect.

In the caption, Aamna wrote:

“Adornment ,what a science! Beauty, what a weapon! Modesty, what elegance! “ -Coco chanel

She also provided details about the makeup artist and the photographer. This photoshoot was done by Amit Khanna Photography whereas the makeup of Aamna Sharif was done by Karishma Bajaj.

One Insta user commented on her photo and said: “Yr ye kis angle se 40 saal ki lagti hai woww”. He is actually praising her that she looks younger and from nowhere she looks like she is 40 years old.

Aamna Sharif Comments

She looks younger than her age because Aamna Sharif used to do gym workouts.

Whereas, a few more fans praiser her beauty by saying that she is beautiful in simplicity. One said she is the best in the world, while another fan of her commented, “Uffff so hoty”.


Aamna Sharif Jeans Photos

Here you can see a few more photos of Aamna Sharif in ripped jeans and a beautiful half top.

Aamna Sharif Hot Photos

In the above picture, the back pose is amazing and fans of Aamna Sharif liked it very much. A few fans of Sharif commented as:

Aamna Sharif Hot

Let’s see more pictures,

Aamna Sharif Indian Model Pictures

In the above picture, the front pose is so beautiful. Some fans liked her lips while some liked her eye makeup. Whereas, I loved her beautiful blonde hair.

Look at what her fans commented here about her age and her hotness:

Aamna Sharif Age Comment

Another fan commented about her lips:

Aamna Sharif Lips

So, these were some interesting comments on Aamna Sharif’s hot ripped jeans photos. Now watch a few more photos of Aamna Sharif and tell us which one is your favorite.

Aamna Sharif Jeans Pictures

Aamna Sharif Photos

Aamna Sharif Photoshoot

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