Published On: Fri, Jun 3rd, 2022

Top 10 Best Reputed and Trusted Hospitals in India


There are numerous super- and multi-specialty hospitals in India, so compiling a list of the country’s top ten medical facilities would be impossible.

Where else can we easily find the greatest hospital that gives world-class healthcare facilities and provides the best possible treatments to its patients if we filter out various hospitals based on their specialties?

In this post, we’ll take a look at a few of India’s top medical facilities, based on their overall attributes. A lot of patients from around the world, especially from Asia are seeking their Indian Medical visa to get treatment from these top 10 reputed and trusted hospitals of India.

1. AIIMS Delhi: All India Institute of Medical Sciences

In 1956, the AIIMS was created. The best doctors and research facilities for a variety of disorders are housed in AIIMS, which has a first-rate infrastructure. Medical students from all around India go to AIIMS because of its reputation as a top medical school.

At times of critical sickness, patients from all across India and the world come to this government hospital. This hospital is also accessible to those who fall below the poverty level. In 2014, the India Today Group named AIIMS the top hospital in Delhi and the country as a whole.

2. Fortis Hospital in Kolkata

A wide range of cutting-edge medical equipment may be found at Fortis Hospital in Kolkata. Patients benefit from the world-class infrastructure. Hospitals like Fortis offer 24-hour emergency care for the most urgent patients.

Hospitals like this one specializing in the treatment of urological and cardiovascular diseases. Over 70 beds are available in the ICU, which comprises a Coronary Care Unit and a Medical Intensive Care Unit.

It is one of India’s best hospitals because of its world-class care, first-rate infrastructure, and highly qualified medical staff.

3. New Delhi’s Indraprastha Apollo Hospital

In Asia, Apollo Hospital was the first to provide a comprehensive healthcare service. Research, education, and healthcare have all been maintained to the benefit of humanity at this Apollo Hospital.

Its goal is to ensure that everyone has access to high-quality healthcare. Patient-centered care and advanced medical technology are hallmarks of the Indraprastha Apollo Hospital in New Delhi.

Organ transplantation, neurology, orthopedics, cancer, and cardiac science are just a few of the areas it focuses on. The Apollo Hospital’s Tender Loving Care program gives patients a reason to smile and a reason to have faith in their treatment.

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4. In Mumbai, the Lilavati Hospital

In India, Lilavati Hospital provides comprehensive medical care in a variety of specialties. Because of this, individuals go from all over the world to have treatment there.

Patients at this hospital are treated as more than just patients; they’re treated as people. With the phrase “SarvetraSukhina: Santu, SantuSarve, and SantuNirmalya” etched on its walls, the staff at this hospital are committed to giving the best possible care with an extra personal touch.

In 1997, this medical facility was built. An organization called Lilavati Kirtilal Mehta Medical Trust is in charge of running it. With just 10 beds and 22 doctors at its beginning, Lilavati Hospital has since grown into a 323-bed facility with 12 operating theatres.

5. Christian Medical College, Vellore

Christian Medical College is one of the most prestigious medical institutions in the country. CMC has sanitary measures, the most up-to-date technology, and low treatment prices.

It provides cutting-edge medical care. Gastroenterology, Neurosciences, and Haematology are CMC’s areas of expertise. CMC’s mission is to make high-quality healthcare accessible to all people, regardless of their ability to pay.

With 2600 beds, 11 ICUs, and a staff of 1799 doctors and 9500 nurses, it’s one of the largest hospitals in the country. One of the most respected medical and research institutions in the world is CMC.

6. In Mumbai, Tata Memorial Hospital

Cancer treatment at Mumbai’s Tata Memorial Hospital is well-known. Acute lymphoblastic leukemia is its specialty. Cancer Research Center is another name for Tata Memorial Hospital.

The hospital also offers Hemato Oncology, an intensive care unit, an operating room, and blood tests. P.E.T. scanners are available at this hospital. The Advanced Center for Treatment, Research, and Education in Cancer is affiliated with this hospital (ACTREC).

This hospital has received national attention because of its cutting-edge technology, world-class treatment, and well-equipped infrastructure.

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7. Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education and Research, Puducherry

JIPMER, the Jawaharlal Nehru Postgraduate Medical Education and Research Institute began operations in 1964. In India, this is one of the country’s top 10 hospitals.

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It is only at JIPMER that you will find instruction from the undergraduate level up to super specialty, as well as research and high-quality medical care. Those who can’t afford it can get free specialized medical care at this institution!

In 2008, the Ministry of Family and Health Welfare, the Government of India, recognized JIPMER as a national institution.

8. Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research, Chandigarh

It was founded in 1962 as the Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research (PGIMER). The founders of this hospital were Dr. Tulsi Das, Dr. Bala Krishna, Dr. Santokh Singh Anand, Dr. Santram Dhall, Dr. BN Aikat, and Dr. PN Chuttani.

Since its founding, this hospital has been dedicated to providing high-quality health treatment to all individuals, no matter their socioeconomic status. In terms of post-graduate medical education, PGIMER has achieved self-sufficiency.

Urogynecological surgery and renal transplantation are their specialties.

9. Chennai’s Sankara Netralaya

Sankara Netralaya, an eye hospital in Chennai, offers expert ophthalmic care with sympathy. Here, you’ll find a group of people who are passionate about what they do and have received the proper training to do it well.

Maintaining international standards and ensuring that patients are satisfied are their key priorities. It is a public-private partnership. The motto “physical awareness of a divine will” influenced the design of this hospital.

This hospital has become well-known due to its use of cutting-edge technology and infrastructure that meets international standards.

10. Kokilaben Hospital, Mumbai

Tina Ambani founded Kokilaben Hospital in 2010. It offers a wide range of medical specialties under one roof. Aside from its 750 beds and cutting-edge medical technology, this hospital also boasts a skilled medical team and a staff of competent doctors.

Plastic and aesthetic surgery, pediatric cardiology, robotic surgery, and more are all areas of expertise. Dhirubhai Ambani’s wife Kokilaben gave her name to this hospital.

As a result of its high-quality care, it has earned a spot among India’s top ten most effective medical facilities.