Published On: Sun, Jul 24th, 2022

5 Most Exciting Best Winter Festivals in Canada

Winter Festivals Canada

Although it has a poor reputation, the northern Canadian winter is perhaps one of the most thrilling times to travel throughout the country. The changing of the seasons provides the ideal setting for many of Canada’s most popular winter festivals and events, which are enjoyed by both natives and visitors to the country.

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The days become shorter and the temperature drops as fall progress. Here are some of the best places all throughout Canada to get your party on while wearing your snowsuit this winter. Here you can also check some best summer festivals in Canada.

Igloofest, in the city of Montreal


Igloofest is an annual event held in Montreal that attracts followers of electronic music from all around the world. The festival spans four weekends and has top bands from all over the world performing outdoors.

Since 2007, the festival has been putting on a show that makes the picturesque Old Port neighborhood come alive. Iglooswag is the wacky winter attire competition that is one of the many activities that festival-goers can participate in at Igloofest, in addition to the incredible music that is performed there.

Grab your neon one-piece snowsuit from the 1990s and come join the fun.

Ottawa’s Annual Winterlude

Ottawa's Annual Winterlude

The city of Ottawa knows how to celebrate winter, and Winterlude is a prime example. The renowned and much-loved Rideau Canal serves as the focal point of this winter celebration that spans three weekends in the month of February.

Put on some skates and take it all in; you may learn how to skate, play a game of ice hockey, or watch the Bed Races, in which teams decorate mattresses in extravagant ways and race them down the canal at high speeds.

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In addition to that, there are dance parties held outside, and beginning in 2017, there will be an Ice Dragon Boat Festival.

Festival du Voyageur, Winnipeg

Festival du Voyageur, Winnipeg

In the month of February, Winnipeg’s French Quarter plays host to ten days of festive celebrations that make the most of the season. The culture of French Canada, the Métis, and the First Nations is brought to life during the Festival du Voyageur.

This festival celebrates other cultures while incorporating contemporary elements, such as music, food, snow sculptures, and a winter setting that is picture-perfect. Due to the fact that it is Western Canada’s largest winter festival, you can be sure that it will be interesting to attend.

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Silver Skate Festival, Alberta

Silver Skate Festival, Alberta

Attend the Silver Skate Festival in Edmonton and party with more than 100,000 other winter travelers. Skate races, snow and fire sculptures, and other winter-themed activities are held along the Northern Saskatchewan River every year during the month of February.

Both locals and tourists make their way to the riverbanks to take part. Checking out the ice castle and finishing things off with a snowshoe race are two of the most recommended things to see and do in the area.

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Obviously, sitting on the sidelines and watching the action while sipping a warm beverage is always welcomed and encouraged.

Montreal en Lumière, Montreal

Montreal en Lumière, Montreal

You can’t miss Montreal en Lumière. We are not joking; in fact, this is one of the largest winter events that has ever been held anywhere around the globe! This festival, which takes place at an outdoor site, incorporates everything that one could want in a winter festival.

It includes art, food, culture, theatre, music, and more. In addition, there is a curling rink, a variety of shows, a Ferris wheel (you’ll be able to see the spinning wheel of lights from miles away), and ziplining.

Fun is guaranteed thanks to the fact that there are more than 300 different activities and 600 different performers involved.