Top Attractions in Delhi That May be Seen in a Single Day

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Top Attractions in Delhi

Both the Indira Gandhi International airport and the city of Delhi, which serves as the capital of India, are popular destinations for travelers from other countries.

This guide will assist you in making the most of each day that you spend in Delhi by providing recommendations on places to see, restaurants, and hotels.

Top Attractions in Delhi

Check this list of top attractions in Delhi, India that you can visit in a single day as a foreign tourist.

India Gate

The building is an arch made of sandstone that was constructed by the British in the 20th century. The well-known monument is a memorial to the 70,000 troops from British India who died serving their country in the first global war.

Initially, people referred to it as Kingsway. Sir Edward Lutyens was the architect behind the design of India Gate. Since the Bangladesh war in 1971, when the monument was given its current name, Amar Jawan Jyoti, it has stood as India’s tomb for the soldiers who died during the conflict.

A lot of people from around the world including Luxembourg, come to visit India Gate. They can apply for a tourist Indian visa for Luxembourg citizens to enter India.

Humayun’s Tomb

Bega Begum, the wife of the Mughal monarch Humayun, was the one who put in the order for the tomb. The entire building is a UNESCO world historic monument and is fashioned out of red sandstone all the way through.

The edifice has a significant amount of influence from Persian architecture, which served as the foundation for the magnificent Mughal architecture.

The structure is significant not only because it marks the final burial place of King Humayun, but also because it served as a symbol of the expanding political power of the Mughal empire.

Lotus Temple

In 1986, the construction of this illustrious building, which was designed in the shape of a white lotus, was finally finished. The individuals who follow the Bahai faith consider the temple to be a sacred location.

With the assistance of meditation and prayer, guests are given the opportunity to establish a connection with the spiritual aspect of their being within the temple. The grounds of the temple are landscaped with nine pools of reflective water and a variety of green plants.

A quick Indian visa for Chile citizens can be obtained online to visit Lotus Temple.


The BAPS community established the temple in 2005, and it is a place of worship that is devoted to Swami Narayan. The temple is home to a number of well-known tourist destinations.

Such as the Hall of Values, which is comprised of fifteen different three-dimensional halls; an IMAX theatre that depicts the life of Swami Narayan; a boat ride that takes visitors through the entire history of India.

The beginning in ancient times and continuing up to the present day; and finally, a light and sound show. The structure that encompasses the temple is composed completely of red sandstone, and the temple itself is crafted from marble.

The architecture of the temple was modeled on the Gandhinagar temple, and the Swamy family’s trip to Disney World provided ideas for many of the technical marvels that are housed inside.

The Red Fort

It was during the reign of the Mughal king Shah Jahan in 1648 that the construction of India’s most significant and well-known fort began. Red sandstones were used in the construction of the enormous fort, which was designed in the Mughal style of architecture.

The fort features a variety of amenities, including balconies, gardens, and entertainment rooms.

During the time that the Mughals ruled, legend has it that the fort was adorned with diamonds and other costly stones. However, as time went on and the Kings’ riches diminished, they were unable to maintain such splendor.

On the occasion of India’s Independence Day, the Prime Minister of India gives a speech to the country each year from the Red Fort.

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