Published On: Sun, Aug 7th, 2022

What are The Different Types of USA Green Card?

USA Green Card Types

In order to move to the United States, you will first need to determine the category of green card that best fits your circumstances. You will probably not be allowed to immigrate unless you meet the requirements for at least one of the following categories.

Different Types of USA Green Cards

This article places a primary emphasis on types of USA green cards obtained through family and job connections gave that these are the two most common routes taken by immigrants. Let’s take a more in-depth look, shall we?

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Green Cards Granted Based on Family Ties

The vast majority of green cards are distributed to members of families that already reside in the United States and hold green cards. Eligible family members include spouses, widows or widowers, children, parents, and siblings.

However, the rules vary depending on whether the sponsor is a citizen of the United States or a holder of a green card, as well as how closely related the immigrant is to the sponsor. Eligible family members include widows or widowers, children, parents, and siblings.

You can find additional information about the prerequisites for a green card based on familial ties further down on this page.

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Green Cards Granted Based on Employment

Green cards, which are awarded in five distinct categories based on the abilities or other benefits you offer to the country, are used by a significant number of immigrants to gain entry into the United States. These categories are determined by employment.

The first four subcategories, which are designated EB-1, EB-2, EB-3, and EB-4, are concerned with the qualifications you bring to the position of the employee.

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In certain instances, you’ll need an employer in the United States to sponsor your application; in others, you’ll need to establish that you have exceptional qualities or specialized training. You can continue reading down this page to learn more about these prerequisites.

The EB-5 green card is a bit different from other green cards in that it’s only given out to investors who spend between $500,000 and $1 million on the creation of jobs in American areas. If you are interested in pursuing this course of action but are unsure of the specifics, it is in your best interest to consult with legal and financial professionals.

It is important not to confuse a green card based on employment with a work permit, which is technically known as an “Employment Authorization Document.” A work permit is a different document that gives applicants a green card based on marriage and the authorization to work in the United States.

In addition to assisting you in submitting an application for a green card, Boundless is able to assist you in submitting an application for a work permit, and an independent attorney will review your paperwork to ensure that it is in proper order.

Green Cards for Humanitarian Causes

Refugees and people who have been granted asylum, in addition to victims of trafficking, abuse, and other crimes, can sometimes be granted green cards.

Consult an attorney if you think you could be qualified for a visa as a member of one of these groups because it can be difficult to obtain one in that capacity.

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Green Cards Won in the Diversity Lottery

The United States of America holds a “green card lottery” once a year in which they give out immigrant permits at random to a maximum of 50,000 persons. In order to be eligible to apply, applicants must originate from countries with relatively low rates of immigration to the United States.

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Longtime-Resident Green Cards

Individuals who have physically resided in the United States since January 1, 1972, regardless of whether they did so legally or illegally, are eligible to apply for green cards.

They are required to have entered the United States prior to that date, and they are not permitted to leave the country at any point after arriving.

More Types of Green Cards

There are many different kinds of green cards that are issued by the United States government. Some of these green cards are reserved for “special immigrants,” who may work in the media or religious fields, be citizens of Afghanistan or Iraq who have assisted the United States government or be employees of international organizations.

Citizens of Cuba and American Indians who were born in Canada may also be eligible for green cards under certain circumstances.

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