Published On: Fri, Aug 12th, 2022

Top Things to Do in Ankara, The Capital City of Turkey

top things to do in Ankara

Ankara is much more than just a contemporary metropolis, and tourists should make it a point to stop by if they find themselves in Turkey. The museums and historic sites of Ankara are among the city’s most famous attractions.

When planning a trip to Turkey, it’s important to explore beyond the well-known towns and locations to find the city of Ankara. Despite the fact that it’s the capital of Turkey, Ankara is one of those destinations that travelers to Turkey sometimes omit from their itineraries.

The city’s museums and ancient sites will still come as a surprise to you, regardless of whether or not you have an interest in the history of the location, and they may pique your curiosity about the Romans and the ancient Anatolians and make you want to learn more about their lives.

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Ankara is much more than a modern city, and tourists should definitely make the effort to visit it while they are in Turkey. This will ensure that memories of a trip to Turkey are not limited to famous places, which we probably already know from some Instagram posts, but rather are memories of a trip that simply showed a less well-known but more beautiful side of the country.

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Museums and Mausoleums

Museums and Mausoleums Ankara

The Anatolian Civilizations Museum, which can be found on the south side of the Ankara Castle that was built in the 8th century BC, is a place that could be considered to be the sole reason for visiting the city of Ankara.

This museum is filled with incredible artifacts that date as far back as 8000 BC and come from the Catalhoyuk settlement in South Anatolia.

Wall paintings and sculptures dating back thousands or even tens of thousands of years can be found in the museum’s collection. The visitor will be taken on a journey through history as they make their way through the museum.

Beginning with the Assyrian trade colonies and ending with the Roman and Byzantine period artifacts with collections ranging from jewelry, decorative vessels, coins, and statues, all of which tell the grand story of their time period.

The museum is housed in a building that dates back to 1200 B.C. and contains artifacts from the Hittites, Romans, and Byzantines.

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Anitkabir, also known as the Mausoleum of Ataturk, is one of the most prominent tourist destinations in Ankara, the capital city of Turkey. Ataturk is widely recognized as the founding father of modern Turkey.

An astonishing amount of marble was used in the construction of the monument, and inside of it is a museum that discusses the country’s battle of independence, which led to the establishment of modern Turkey.

Additionally, the monument is situated on a hilltop, so visitors can enjoy views of the city of Ankara. This could be a nice site for first-time visitors to the country to start their exploration in the nation’s capital city.

Walk by the Castle

Castle in Ankara

The rural town of Kale, located in the Denizli region of Western Anatolia, was under Byzantine rule up to the 12th century. Kale is an attractive district. The community is well known for its cultivation of peppers, and each year it holds a festival to honor the harvest of its plentiful crop.

With the addition of a hamlet that was built around structures that dated back hundreds of years as well as its very own pepper festival, Ankara’s already interesting mix of things to do just got even more diverse.

Monuments dating back to the Byzantine era may be seen in this region, which also features streets and alleys paved with cobblestones and a large number of structures that have undergone restoration in more recent times.

If you were to take a stroll through Parmak Kapisi, you would find along the path a number of wonderful souvenir shops selling traditional crafts, as well as antique stores and cafes.

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Ruins Dating Back to the Roman Era

Temple of Augustus Ankara

The Temple of Augustus and Rome is one of the most well-known Roman remains in the city. It was constructed between the years 20 and 25 AD, during the reign of the Roman emperor Octavian Augustus, who was responsible for expanding Roman control across Central Anatolia.

Even if all that is left of the structure from Roman times is a doorway and two walls, it nonetheless has a captivating appearance that successfully communicates its past.

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The Latin and Greek inscriptions on the walls, which record Augustus’s achievements and glory, can still be seen today. At the time, these inscriptions were placed on many Roman temples. If you are interested in history, the temple is a wonderful destination to visit.

Alternatively, if you are a tourist trying to kill some time in the city, stopping by this landmark for even just a few minutes can be time well spent.

One further historical site dating back to the Roman era, the Roman Baths of Ankara has been preserved and turned into an open-air public museum. The historic bath complex was found in the years 1937–1944, and it is one of the buildings from that era that has been kept in particularly good condition.

A facility that was constructed in accordance with the Roman culture of erecting Thermae, which was a form of public-private bathing facility, was a location that was created by Emperor Caracalla in the third century AD, while the city was still known by its previous name of Ancyra.

Ankara Opera House

Ankara Opera House

The Ankara Opera House is the largest of the three locations in Ankara, Turkey, that host opera performances. In addition to that, it is a venue for plays put on by the Turkish state theaters.

In addition to being one of the sites that host local festivals, classical concerts, and musical evenings, this is also a place to see live performances by the Turkish State Ballet, Turkish State Opera, and Theatre companies. This is something that would just add more charm to a visit to the city.

If when you thought of Turkey, you thought of Istanbul, it’s time to look at a side of the country that you might regret not visiting, given the fantastic mix of things to explore in Ankara and the good sites that can be visited even in a very short span of time.