5 Best Affordable Homestays For Tourists in Dehradun

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Homestays in Dehradun

Dehradun, also known as the city of hills, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in India. It is a place where mother nature herself played a role in shaping the landscape.

This city serves as the state capital of Uttarakhand and offers a wide variety of fun activities both within the city and in the surrounding area.

And to really appreciate all that this mountain beauty has to offer, we recommend that you book one of the top homestays in Dehradun. These homestays provide the ideal setting for relaxation and are located in the foothills of the Himalayas.

Horizon Homestay

Horizon homestay is tucked away in the breathtaking natural scenery of the Himalayas, despite its prime location in the middle of the city centre of Dehradun.

A stay at this resort, which is known for its convenient position in the heart of the city, instils a sense of belonging in its visitors amidst the peace and quiet of the surrounding natural environment.

In addition to providing guests with a full complement of opulent amenities, the homestay is a cost-effective alternative for those in search of a place to stay in close proximity to either the airport or the train station.

Dehradun Homestay

Dehradun homestay, also known as Wildside homestay, is located in the foothills of the stunning mother Earth, and it is a truly tranquil location that does not include any commotion at all.

The Dehradun homestay is undeniably one of the top homestays in Dehradun. It is a contemporary property with cosy decor and amazing views of the surrounding area. It features a comfortable verandah as well as expansive lawns that are ideal for taking in breathtaking sunrises and sunsets.

Those foreign tourists who want to explore the beauty of Dehradun should look for a homestay rather than a conventional hotel room. It is easy to get an Indian visa for French citizens.

Tapasya Homestay

Tapasya homestay is an alternative for lodging that is perfect for any event thanks to its convenient location in the heart of Dehradun and its picturesque surroundings.

This amazing Tapasya homestay is one of the most highly recommended homestays in the vicinity of Dehradun Airport since it is well stocked with all the contemporary conveniences.

Tapasya homestay is an alternative that is not only easy on the traveller’s wallet because it is located in the middle of Dehradun, but it is also an excellent choice for any and all tourists that are in the area.

Comfort Zone Homestay

The Comfort Zone homestay is a large home with a gorgeous garden and all of the essential conveniences that a traveller may want during their stay.

It is a budget-friendly homestay with air conditioning and free Wi-Fi that is situated approximately 5 kilometres from the Clock tower. In addition, the Clock tower is within walking distance.

There are a lot of attractions in Dehradun for people coming from Germany. So don’t waste any more time and apply for your Indian visa for German citizens.

Gorayya Homestay

This homestay in Dehradun is without a doubt one of the best. Gorayya Homestay is a house with a lot of personal touches like books, old cassettes, paintings on the walls, and many other things.

It has a beautiful location in the lap of natural beauty and most of the top attractions in Dehradun are easily accessible from here. At Gorayya homestay, guests may experience the warmth and cosiness of a home away from home, making it an excellent choice for those looking for a luxurious alternative.

In addition to having one of the highest ratings among Dehradun’s accommodations, it is also very affordable for travellers of any financial means.

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