Not Forgiving The Nsw Police Force And Missing Persons Sister Put Marion Julius In Harms Way

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Missing Persons Sister

Change the mind no more forgiving people have been horrible to Marion so no more forgiving.

For so many years the New South Wales (NSW) police force and the missing person’s sister put Marion Julius in harm’s way putting her in danger so many times.

Sitting and google searching her stalking her and printing her things from online things not related to the cold.

Police are always ignoring issues and concerns they continue to be horrible ignoring and not explaining nor apologizing so no forgiving.

For so long the police have done this to Marion Julius using her for information they’re being really nasty and cruel.

This ongoing police harassment and misconduct and corruption have been going on for a long time. NSW police stations were racist against Marion Julius in Sydney Australia.

The police and the missing person’s sister have caused so much trouble, problems and danger for Marion its all their fault they’re to blame spread the news in cyberspace.

They’re using people for information constantly stalking people online.

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