Top 5 Places To Visit in Turkey During the Winter Season

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Places to Visit in Turkey Winter Season

In the winter, visitors to Turkey have a wide variety of options for things to do, including going to ski resorts, taking winter hot balloon rides, and relaxing in open-air hot springs.

Ski the slopes or investigate archaeological sites that are out of the way to avoid crowds. Stroll the streets of Istanbul with the locals.

Even if it is the off-season, the seaside towns of Turkey never lose their luster, and the natural treasures of the nation take on a different kind of radiance: frozen lakes, ice-crested mountains, and snow-dusted caverns.


The capital and largest city of Turkey is the ideal place to spend a winter vacation. When it’s chilly outside and there aren’t many people out and about, Istanbul’s whole year’s treasure trove of attractions and unique experiences really shines through.

Take advantage of the fact that popular sights in this endlessly gorgeous city that are crowded in the summer will be relatively deserted in the winter and visit them then.

The city of Istanbul is home to a wide variety of tourist destinations, including bustling bazaars, serene gardens, and enthralling museums. There are just too many great restaurants and caf├ęs in Turkey for me to include them all here.

Many of them serve traditional Turkish cuisine. The consumption of a hot cup of Turkish coffee, a culinary custom that is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List, is recommended as a way to begin each day in the same manner as the Turks do.

The fortifications and cisterns of Istanbul each have their own unique story to tell about the city’s long and illustrious past, as well as its rich heritage.

Must-see attractions in Istanbul include the historical mosques in Turkey, including Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque, Ortakoy Mosque; Topkapi Palace; Taksim; Galata Tower; the Basilica Cistern; the Museum of Turkish & Islamic Arts; and, of course, Spice Bazaar and the Grand Bazaar. All of these attractions can be found in Taksim.


Throughout the winter months, Cappadocia continues to be one of the most popular tourist destinations in Turkey. This is due to the region’s breathtaking scenery, fascinating history, and unforgettable balloon rides.

Visitors visiting Cappadocia in the winter may discover that their time there is more enjoyable than during the summer months when the region is overrun with tourists and the temperature soars.

Between the months of late November and early March, Cappadocia typically receives a significant amount of snow, which contributes to the region’s unique ambiance.

The breathtaking landscapes of Cappadocia, which were formed over millennia by volcanic eruptions, will stay in your memory forever. It doesn’t matter what time of year it is; this craggy yet peaceful scenery is always breathtaking.

Hiking is one of the best ways to experience Cappadocia’s arid landscape, which is ideal for those with an adventurous spirit. Cave hotels are the best option for lodging in Cappadocia throughout your trip.

The Cappadocian people constructed their underground cities many thousands of years ago, and today there is a wide selection of beautiful and cozy hotels tucked in the terrain where those ancient towns once stood.

The clay pot kebabs that are typical of Cappadocian cuisine are well suited to the colder months. Get your Turkey visa for Bahamas citizens and get a chance to experience the hot air balloon adventure.

Lake Cildir

One of the most iconic wintertime locations in Turkey, Lake Cildir (also known as “the lake of shadows”) can be reached in a single day from Kars or as a pit stop along the Dogu Express route.

Conditions here are comparable to those seen in the Arctic, much like those found on the nearby Javakheti Plateau, which is located just across the border in Georgia.

Lake Cildir is a spot that you can visit in the fall and all throughout the spring to see winter wonderland landscapes since it freezes for up to eight months out of the year.

Ice fishing and troika rides, which are conducted in horse-pulled sleighs, are two of the most popular things to do when the temperature drops. Because the ice is so thick, you can even rent a bicycle and ride it on top of it!

It is highly recommended that you eat at Gunay Canli Alabalik, which is located on the eastern bank of the Cildir and provides fresh fish that was caught in the lake.

Kackar Mountains

The Kackar Mountains are a sight for sore eyes with their snow-capped peaks and dramatic cliffs. These mountains are a reminder that some of the most beautiful spots in Turkey are found in nature.

The mountain slopes are steep, partly wooded, and ideal for ski touring during the winter months. They are situated behind the Black Sea Coast and the tea region of Rize. There are some undulating alpine pastures that provide excellent opportunities for downhill running.

The summit of the Kackar range sits at an elevation of about 4,000 meters above mean sea level. It gets really cold during the winter, but the area is still teeming with animals throughout the season, so it’s not unusual to encounter bears and cubs when you’re out on the slopes.

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Many people, when they think about Bolu Province, which is located halfway between Istanbul and Ankara, the first thing that springs to mind is the province’s charming tiny towns and the vernacular Ottoman architecture seen in those towns.

However, this part of the world is also renowned for its breathtaking natural scenery, which is constantly evolving due to the passage of time.

As soon as summer draws to a close, the city of Bolu, which is only a short drive from the Turkish capital, emerges as a top choice for weekend trips away from the city.

By the time fall arrives, the city is submerged in a sea of amber and rust, and by the time winter rolls around, it is covered in a duvet of snow.

Around Lake Abant, a gorgeous freshwater lake in Yedigoller National Park, you can appreciate the brilliant colors that nature has to offer, while the surrounding Kartalkaya area boasts ski slopes that are sure to please even the most demanding winter sports fans.

You can also rest and unwind in one of the dozens of quaint little cottages that are located here.

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