A Guide for Tourists to Use Public Transit Service in Vancouver

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Public Transport in Vancouver

The city of Vancouver is not the capital of Canada or British Columbia, but still, it is not a small city. It is the most populous city in British Columbia and has a population of 2,426,160 people making it the largest city in the province. It has the highest population density of any city in the province of British Columbia.

When compared to the populations of Canada’s other major cities, Vancouver comes in at number three overall, making it the third largest city in the country overall. In spite of its size, it offers a wide variety of transit choices to both the residents of Vancouver and the tourists who visit the city.

You can get around through quick transit, a bus, a private cab service, a sea bus, a train, and a variety of other modes of transportation. The vast majority of tourists choose to travel by either public bus or rapid transit throughout their vacations.

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It would be much simpler for you to maneuver around the city if you familiarize yourself with the various kinds of public transit the city offers. When you have your Canada visa for Lithuania citizens, you should know about the different public transit options in Vancouver.

Rapid Transit

The fully-automated trains that operate both above and below ground are referred to as “rapid transit.” The Expo Line and the Millennium Line are the two lines that make up the SkyTrain system.

The trip from the airport to downtown Vancouver is made possible by a third transportation system known as the Canada Line.


Throughout the day, TransLink operates a broad network of bus services in addition to community shuttles that are more intimate in size and bring a smaller number of passengers to specific locations around the city.

Services on RapidBus routes are provided more quickly and with a reduced number of stops.


In order to help those with mobility or cognitive impairments take public transportation, HandyDART provides shared rides from door to door. So, this is one of the best transit services in Vancouver, British Columbia for physically disabled people.

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To go to Lonsdale Quay in North Vancouver from Waterfront Station in Downtown Vancouver, riders of the SeaBus must first traverse the Burrard Inlet.

West Coast Express Train Service

The Waterfront Station in Downtown Vancouver serves as the starting point for the journey on the West Coast Express, which travels all the way to Mission and makes a few stops along the route.

Five trains arrive in Vancouver each morning during the workweek, and the same number of trains depart the city each day in the afternoon.

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