Published On: Wed, Nov 9th, 2022

How to Plan Your Solo Trip in India? A Beginners Guide

Plan Solo Trip

They say that venturing out into the world on a solo trip for the first time is simultaneously one of the most terrifying, frightening, and freeing experiences a person can ever have, and this is absolutely true.

You can discover new things about yourself by going on a vacation where you are by yourself and only with yourself for company. Because there is a lot that has to be prepared, from the budget to the itinerary, first-timers frequently have butterflies in their stomachs at the very prospect of doing so.

Fret not! In this article, we will provide first-time solo travelers with some advice that we have compiled. Continue reading, and make yourself ready to strike out on your own!

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Decide Where to Travel

The location is of the utmost importance, so let’s go to it! Every seasoned traveler will tell you that when taking a trip alone, the experience of discovering new places on one’s lonesome is far more valuable than the location itself.

Given that traveling by oneself can be a stressful experience in and of itself, choosing a destination that puts you at ease is definitely the best course of action to take. Is there a destination that has been a lifelong goal of yours to visit? A location that you have always had a strong desire to visit?

Do you want to live in bustling cities full of exciting things to do or do you prefer to spend your time in regions that are peaceful and picturesque? Ask yourself, and then make your plans appropriately.

Those who are feeling a little anxious about traveling alone might begin with familiar destinations, while those who are looking for a truly thrilling experience can even contemplate going somewhere outside of the country. In either case, it should be a location that inspires you and maintains your level of excitement.

Do Proper Homework

When you travel by yourself, you have a lot more room for spontaneity, and it’s possible that you won’t need to plan out every single detail. However, this does not imply that you are free to immediately pack your belongings and head out on the open road.

You will need to perform a significant amount of research on your chosen location, covering everything from the local climate and tourist opportunities to the local culture and cuisine, as well as everything else.

In addition to this, you need to perform extensive studies on the various transportation and lodging alternatives that are accessible. Check the opening and closing times, as well as any other rules and regulations that may apply, before going to any landmark or well-known attraction.

You could also check into one-day excursions while you’re there because they’ll provide you the opportunity to socialize with new people and see a lot of the area in a single day.

The internet is your best friend if you want to become familiar with a location before actually visiting there because it provides a wealth of information. You should search, search, and search some more, and you should read, read, and read some more.

There are a great number of blogs and online travel guides available online that cover virtually any location imaginable. Talk to someone who has been there if you know anyone who has been there.

Create a Spending Plan

Now we get to the most essential aspect, which is the money! Your spending limit for a vacation taken by yourself will be heavily influenced by two factors: mode of transportation and place of stay.

When we talk about transportation, we need also to consider the expense of moving around within the destination itself, which includes the cost of sightseeing, pickup and dropoff, and other such activities. Your preliminary travel plan ought to be able to provide you with a reasonably accurate estimate of these costs.

However, finding suitable lodging is the most challenging aspect of the whole process. You may find both expensive and inexpensive places to stay in any size community, whether it be a major city or a tiny village.

Which option do you think is best for you? The only thing you require in order to have a good night’s sleep when your plan is to be out and about discovering the area from morning until evening is a spot that is clean and secure.

Therefore, you should look for a hotel or boarding facility that is within your price range, provides a secure environment, and provides every amenity necessary for a comfortable stay. Before making a choice, you should ensure that you have read the reviews, checked the ratings, and looked at the photographs online.

In addition to these, you should include room in your budget for other expenses, such as food, drinks, entertainment, tickets and entry fees, souvenirs, and travel insurance, particularly if you will be going outside of India.

Make Sure to Purchase Your Tickets in Advance

After you have determined your itinerary and established your spending limits for the trip, the next important step is to purchase your plane tickets.

In this respect, you have the opportunity to reduce your financial outlay. For example, the majority of locations in India are linked together by a network of trains, which is the most cost-effective method of transportation.

However, if you find unbelievable deals on plane tickets, you might want to think about flying to your destination instead of driving. In the same vein, make sure to book your accommodations plenty of time in advance.

Don’t forget to seek hotel discounts online; there are a lot of online travel businesses that run excellent specials and discounts all throughout the year. If you look online, you should be able to find some great prices.

By the way, if you are traveling to India for a business meeting, then you need to get your Indian business visa for UK citizens. You can’t do business meetings when you are on a tourist visa. It is illegal.

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Convince Your Parents

Those who are born to Indian parents are aware of how crucial it is, as well as how tough it can be, to convince their parents about anything, let alone a journey on one’s own. Even just saying the word “solo” is enough to trigger the warning sirens.

If you don’t have an incredible amount of good luck, you should be prepared to answer a barrage of inquiries, ranging from “Solo what?” to “Why don’t you take your brother along for company?” in the event that you choose to travel alone.

If the traveler is a woman, the number of inquiries and the level of trepidation may increase by as much as two or even three times. Although traveling by oneself is becoming popular in India, it is not yet considered the norm.

Therefore, you need to be ready to talk to your parents and respond to every possible question that could come from them, regardless of how stupid the questions might appear to you at the time.

Pack Lightly But Strategically

There are two types of individuals in our world: those who can go on trips lasting several weeks with nothing more than a backpack filled with the necessities, and those who must bring a suitcase, a duffle bag, and a backpack even when going to a friend’s house for a sleepover.

When traveling by oneself, one of the most important pieces of advice is to minimize unnecessary baggage while maximizing efficiency.

It is important to keep in mind that while you go touring, you may need to move your belongings about, therefore the ideal way to transport all of your necessities is in a backpack; alternatively, you can bring a tote bag.

The use of public transportation and the ability to move around in crowded areas are both significantly simplified as a result of this.

When it comes to packing, you should only bring the things that you consider to be completely necessary. For example, if the hotel you’re staying at offers complimentary toiletries and bath towels, you can cross those items off your list.

Layering your outfits or wearing garments that can be worn in multiple ways is the smartest thing you can do when it comes to your wardrobe.

Not only does this make you look more put together, but it also gives you more options for what you may wear. It is strictly forbidden to bring more than two pairs of shoes at a time.