3 Top Tourist Attractions in the Province of Quebec

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The Canadian province of Quebec is absolutely stunning! It is one of the most magnificent places that you can visit in Canada. Thanks to its stunning scenery and picturesque coastlines, as well as its long and rich history.

As a result, in the interest of ensuring that you visit as many of Quebec’s top attractions as is humanly feasible, I have compiled a list of some of our all-time favourite rest breaks that you simply must go to.

After all, Quebec is a jewel in the crown of Canada, and you should make the most of your time there. You should start your Canada visa application process in order to visit the best places of province Quebec.

The City of Quebec

One of the most historically significant cities in the province is the capital, Quebec City, which dates back hundreds of years.

The historic centre of Quebec, near Old Quebec, should definitely be your first destination because of the old-fashioned allure it exudes. Once you’ve arrived, be sure to take some time to explore Petit Champlain, which is known for its quaint alleys lined with cobblestones and stone homes that date back centuries.

You will also stumble upon a plethora of delicious eateries in addition to a veritable hoard of charming little shops and cafes that are independently owned.

After you have finished eating, it is important that you continue your exploration inside the mediaeval city walls. You shouldn’t miss the Citadel, which is the largest British-built fortification in North America, the Notre Dame Basilica, and the Plains of Abraham.

Stay at the legendary Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac for an unforgettable vacation experience. The building itself is a sight to behold, and it also has a plethora of restaurants serving delectable cuisine on the premises. It was amazing for us.

If you are looking for a day trip that is not in the city proper, consider going to Île d’Orléans, which is located a distance of fewer than 30 minutes by car from Old Quebec.

This stunning island is home to a wealth of historical sites, as well as numerous quaint hamlets, apple orchards, and restaurants serving up some of the best food in the world.


This was an extremely unique and isolated experience, despite the fact that it was just around an hour’s drive from Montreal. Spending some time here allows you to explore the breathtaking lakes and hiking region (near Sentier Mont Larose), both of which are really breathtaking.

The distance between you and Montreal is so great that it’s hard to realise you’re only a short drive away from the city. It seems like an eternity!

We saw beavers in one of the most beautiful settings in all of Quebec, and it was truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. When you have your Canada visa for Belgian citizens, only then you can visit this beautiful place in the Quebec province of Canada.


The ancient, old centre of Montreal is a must-see in my book because I believe it to be one of the most attractive areas of the city.

If you have an interest in history, you should definitely pay a visit to the historic Notre-Dame Basilica, which can be found in old Montreal and has been there for centuries. Simply make it a point to go inside; there is just too much beauty on the inside for you to pass up.

Take a stroll through the Vieux-Port de Montréal for some fresh air (and a bite to eat), and you’ll be glad you did (Old Montreal Port area). It is without a doubt one of the most interesting spots in Quebec to check out, particularly if you are having fun in Montreal.

A sunny day is a perfect time to take a stroll in this area because it has a lot of eateries. Oh, and while you’re here, don’t forget to pick up some smoked meat poutine from one of the vendors… On a cold winter day, this is such a nice and wonderful way to warm yourself.

Visit Tommy for some of their delicious coffee blends and freshly baked bagels if you want to keep your energy levels up. After that, it won’t be difficult for you to make your way up to Mount Royal to take in the scenery there. When the sun is low in the sky, it creates a beautiful atmosphere.

In the event that the weather takes a turn for the worse, and you consider yourself to be something of an art enthusiast, make your way over to The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.

It is rumoured that this particular establishment is the largest art museum in the entirety of Canada and plays host to a variety of permanent and temporary shows.

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