Activities Mussoorie That Are Perfect For A Hill Station Vacation in 2022

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Activities in Mussoorie

The holiday destination of choice for many people is the Mussoorie. Whether you are visiting Mussoorie with your family, as a married couple on your honeymoon trip, or as a visitor from another country, you will find that this hill station destination offers all of the exciting activities that you may anticipate finding at a hill station.

Now, let’s take a look at the activities that will be most popular in Mussoorie in the year 2022:

Rock Climbing

In Mussoorie, Uttarakhand, rock climbing and rappelling have traditionally been the activities that are most popular among visitors. There are rocks in Mussoorie that range in size from fifty to six hundred feet in height.

One’s capabilities, level of physical fitness, and mental fortitude all go into the decision-making process. This takes mountaineering to an entirely new level of excitement. Caving demands mental acuity, a bold mindset, a curious disposition, and a lot of courage. It requires courage, an appreciation for the great outdoors, and a thirst for adventure.

There are various secret caves located at Buranskhanda, which is 6 kilometers before Dhanaulti. These caves are surrounded by stunning alpine meadows, trees, and vistas of the Himalayas that are just breathtaking.

In point of fact, trekking and mountaineering in Mussoorie are the most effective techniques to gauge your physical ability. The top adventure activities in Mussoorie include mountain biking and riding all-terrain vehicles (ATVs).

Mountain biking adds a new dimension to the mountain-based adventure sports that are available in Mussoorie. They are all about speed, control, and thrill, and they are one of the newest ways to explore the beautiful environment of the Himalayas.

In spite of the inherent dangers, mountain biking in the Uttarakhand Himalayas can be a very rewarding experience due to the region’s rugged terrain and steep hills. It’s definitely up there on the list of the most enjoyable things to do in Mussoorie.


When it comes to paragliding, Mussoorie is among the top places to go in all of India. This has got to be one of the most painless and interesting things to do in Mussoorie.

The majority of the paragliding companies in Mussoorie provide joyrides on two-seater gliders that are piloted by experienced professionals who have logged more than three thousand hours in the air.

There is no prerequisite education or experience required, and one is never too young or too old to start doing it. Long rides of at least an hour and a half (15 km) up to a height of 10,000 feet are included in the Mussoorie flights.

Spend your vacation in Mussoorie having fun by participating in one of the many thrilling activities and extreme sports available there.

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River rafting is the best thing to do at any hill station. Rafting down the Mussoorie River is one of the most unique activities you may partake in while visiting Mussoorie. Rafting down white water on rivers that have a swift current can be an exhilarating experience.

These rivers go through thick woods, rocky terrains, mountains, and even sometimes along snowy slopes as they make their way to the ocean. There are a number of difficult rapids located along the stretches of the Alaknanda, Dhauliganga, and Kali rivers.

Near Mussoorie, one has the option of going on a simple half-day tour, during which they can raft from Barkot to Lakhamandal and from Damta to Yamuna Bridge.

Roller Skating

Roller Skating Rink In Mussoorie India’s Largest It is really shocking to learn that Mussoorie possesses India’s largest roller skating rink. If you have a decent sense of balance, you should give skating a shot at this location.

You’ll feel the adrenaline surge giving you a delightful high if you give your feet some wheels and your body some whirl, so get moving! The Jaypee Resort’s Rink, the Disco Skating Rink, and The Rink in Kulri Bazaar which is located behind the tourist office are three of the most popular skating rinks in the city of Mussoorie.

It is definitely up there on the list of the most enjoyable things to do in Mussoorie.


Are you not the adventuring kind and are you looking for things to do in Mussoorie? Go for a shopping gig! The Library, Landour Bazaar, and Kulri Bazaarare considered the most important shopping districts in all of Mussoorie.

The local businesses provide unique items such as antiques, ethnic jewelry, and curios. From Kulri Bazaar, there is a route that climbs for five kilometers up to the old Landour cantonment area.

There are several shops in Landour market that sell items related to the Raj, as well as silver jewelry and books. In addition to a variety of other items, one may pick up wonderfully handcrafted walking sticks at one of the shops on the Mall.

A Tibetan market can be found just below Mall Road, and it is here that one may purchase sleeping bags, windcheaters, sweaters, and shawls at costs that are very inexpensive.

Because you can also visit local markets that are just a short distance away from Mussoorie, this is one of the most enjoyable things to do in the surrounding area of Mussoorie as well as in the city itself.

The Mall Road, Library Bazaar, Tibetan Market, Classic Emporium, and Kulri Bazaar are among the best markets in the city.

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