What Are The Top Things To Do in Auckland Zoo, New Zealand

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Auckland Zoo

With its doors first opening in December 1922, the Auckland Zoo is well into its 96th year of service. When visiting New Zealand, you must visit this zoo, as it is considered to be among the best in the country.

Situated on 40 acres of property, 6 kilometers from the heart of Auckland. Close to 1,400 animals representing 138 species call the Auckland Zoo home.

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The Auckland Zoo is now working on creating a South-East Asian wing for the region’s distinctive flora and fauna, with a focus on preserving these species in their natural habitats.

About 120 different kinds of animals, both local and from far away, live in this zoo that spans 40 acres. Since its opening in 1922, the zoo has grown significantly in both size and diversity of species on display.

For the other species, there are a variety of habitats and displays, including the “hippo river,” “orangutan path,” and “tiger territory.” Chickens, guinea pigs, and frogs are just some of the species that can be seen in the kid-friendly play area.

The Auckland Zoo is also home to the world’s first center dedicated to conservation medicine, the New Zealand Centre for Conservation Medicine.


Mammals, birds, and ectotherms make up the bulk of the Auckland Zoo’s animal population. The Sumatran tiger, African lions, and red pandas are just a few of the featured creatures at the zoo.

Brown Kiwis, gold and blue macaws, and flamingos are just a few of the many species of birds on display. Animals that can both heat and cool their surroundings are housed at the Auckland Zoo.

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Safari Nights

During Safari Nights, guests are given a guided tour of the Auckland Zoo after hours, giving them a rare opportunity to see the nocturnal species that call the zoo home.

Safari Nights are held during the summer break to provide kids and adults a chance to see many of these endangered animals up close.

Activities for Photographers

To encourage aspiring wildlife photographers, workshops are held periodically. Photographers of all skill levels, from absolute beginners to seasoned veterans, can find something useful in these workshops.

Birthday Celebrations

The Auckland Zoo is a fantastic place to celebrate a child’s birthday because the hosts have exclusive use of the zoo for two hours.

The Auckland Zoo has party packages that include two hours of exclusive use of the zoo for the birthday party’s guests, making it the ideal location for any celebration involving youngsters.

Conservatory Programme

As part of an international breeding program for red pandas, the Auckland Zoo recently transported one of its red pandas to the Darjeeling Zoo in India.

What to Eat

Restaurant-goers to the Auckland Zoo can fill their stomachs at the Old Elephant House. Once home to the zoo’s elephants (thus the name), the Old Elephant House and its adjacent courtyard are now versatile event areas.

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