Sky Tower in Auckland: Structure, Architecture and Safety

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Sky Tower Auckland Structure

One of the most well-liked places to spend an unforgettable holiday in New Zealand is Auckland, which is the largest city in New Zealand. This bustling and multicultural metropolis is endowed with breathtaking volcanic islands, beaches, and buildings of the highest order.

The city of Auckland is home to a plethora of stunning tourist destinations, each of which provides visitors with the opportunity to have the experience of a lifetime. On the other hand, the Sky Tower is widely regarded as one of the city’s most popular tourist destinations.

The Sky Tower, which can be found on Victoria Street West in the city’s core business district, stands at an impressive 328 meters (1,076 feet) in height. It makes the Sky Tower the tallest building that is freestanding in the Southern Hemisphere.

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Sky Tower, Auckland: Architecture

This stunning high-rise structure, known as the Sky Tower, was constructed in 1994. Constructors took about 3 years to construct this beautiful tall building in the heart of the city.

The Sky Tower in Auckland, which is currently the 28th tallest building in the world, was actually designed to facilitate telecommunication and observation facilities for the city. Today, it stands as the 28th tallest building in the world.

It is home to the largest single FM radio transmitter in the world. Also, is the world’s largest wireless internet, mobile network, local television broadcasts, weather forecasting service, and laser link transmissions.

This fascinating edifice is currently a popular tourist destination in Auckland, where it plays host to a wide variety of activities and events geared specifically toward visitors. Harrah’s Entertainment, a casino and hotel corporation based in the United States, built a casino complex, named, Sky City Auckland in the 1990s, which includes this beautiful tower.

Harrah’s Entertainment also has properties in other countries. In addition, there is a rooftop observation deck, as well as a number of clubs, entertainment venues, and high-end dining establishments, including The Sugar Club, Sky Lounge, and Orbit.

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Sky Tower’s Features

Resistant to Earthquakes

This building is designed to withstand earthquakes because of its sturdy structure. Massive legs and a sturdy framework enable the building to withstand gusts of over 200 kilometers per hour even at its most extreme.

In addition to this, the structure of the tower is capable of withstanding an earthquake of magnitude 8.0 occurring within a radius of 20 kilometers.

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Inside Safety

It is not just the earthquake-resistant structure of the building that assures the safety of the building in the Sky Tower in Auckland; also, there are four elevators within the tower that are equipped with cutting-edge technology, which doubles the building’s level of protection.

These elevators have been developed in a way that they are able to detect any movements that may occur within the structure. As a result, the speed at which the tower structure begins to sway too much will be slowed down by elevators.

After a predetermined amount of time has passed, all of the elevators will descend to the ground level, where they will remain until everything has returned to its usual state.

In addition, there are rooms that are fireproof and located on the 44th, 45th, and 46th floors. They serve as shelter to people in the event of an emergency.

Unique Color Combination

The Sky Tower boasts some of the most cutting-edge LED lighting technology available, making it one of the most fascinating aspects of the structure. LEDs have the ability to generate a wide variety of color combinations, which are then controlled by a DMX lighting controller.

At any time of the day or night, the Sky Tower in Auckland is capable of putting on an impressive light show and transforming into a variety of different color schemes when it is lit up.

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