Unique and Fascinating Tourist Attractions in Ontario

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Parliament Buildings in Ottawa

It might be tough to decide where to start when planning a vacation in Ontario because there are so many different destinations to choose from. Therefore, we reasoned that the most singular thoughts and experiences should come first on this monumental list.

However, there are locations near and close to urban centers such as Toronto and others. You shouldn’t be concerned about this as you continue. It doesn’t matter where in Ontario you are located; I’m confident that there is a destination within easy reach of you!

The Parliament Buildings in Ottawa

The Parliament Buildings in Ottawa are a popular destination for tourists that come to the city. These stunning Gothic buildings have been a prominent feature of Ottawa’s waterfront since the year 1859. They are located on Parliament Hill.

These are national historic sites in Canada, and you are welcome to take tours of the buildings, stroll around the grounds, and even sit in on a meeting of the Parliament to keep an eye on the Prime Minister!

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The CN Tower

When in Toronto, going up the CN Tower should be at the top of your to-do list. It is recognized as a leading tourist destination in Canada! The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Tower (CN Tower) was at one time the tallest structure in the world.

After the Tokyo Skytree in Japan and the Canton Tower in China, it is currently the third-highest tower in the world. Check out the top things to do at Sky Tower, Auckland, New Zealand.

Not only does it have one of the most exciting experiences in all of Toronto, but it also boasts some of the most breathtaking views of the city. The Edgewalk is sure to get your heart racing and your blood pounding.

In what is said to be the highest external walk on a building anywhere in the world, you will have to hold to the outside of the structure. You have nothing to fear; even my dad, who is in his 70s, completed the Edgewalk.

Stratford Festival

Stratford is a picturesque town that can be reached from Toronto in about two hours and is situated on the Avon River. As a result of the Avon and Festival Theatres being the primary attractions in town, visitors are given the impression that they are experiencing a piece of traditional England.

Visitors numbers and performers from all over the world are drawn to the theater in this small town in Ontario, which is also known for its beautiful scenery.

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Casa Loma

Casa Loma is another noteworthy property that can be seen in Toronto and should be visited. This location, Casa Loma is known as “Ontario’s Castle,” and it features a number of secret tunnels, stables, and a gorgeous garden.

In 1911, Sir Henry Pallett got the construction process started. However, in 1923 he was unable to keep the castle because of the Great Depression, World War I, and other financial troubles.

It has served a variety of functions, from that of a hotel to that of a nightclub, and for some time it was even left vacant. You can take a tour of the castle today, as well as enjoy high tea, upscale dining, and a variety of other activities that take place regularly.

A Memorial to Terry Fox

Terry Fox is revered across Canada as a national hero. After suffering a leg amputation due to cancer in the year 1980, he set out on a trip to run across Canada.

Unfortunately, his cancer returned while he was running, and he was forced to pull over halfway through the town of Thunder Bay, which is located on the Trans Canada highway.

A memorial was built in his honor at the spot where he was forced to end his run after 143 days and 5,373 kilometers (3,339 miles) of running. This was the spot where he had to stop his adventure short.

The memory of him goes on, and every year, there is a charity race that raises money for cancer research that bears his name and takes place in different cities around the country. It’s important to make time on your trip to Thunder Bay to stop by and pay your respects at this beautiful memorial.

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