Don’t Miss Out These 4 Tourist Destinations in Ontario

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Places to visit Ontario

The province of Ontario in Canada covers a very large area. It takes months and sometimes even years, to travel over the entirety of it because it is comparable in size to a small country.

We’ve been fortunate enough to explore a significant portion of our home province, Ontario, and as a result, we’ve compiled a list of the province’s most recognizable tourist destinations.

The decision-making process was difficult, and as a result, we omitted a great many well-known locations. If any of your suggestions were omitted from the list, please let us know by writing a comment below.

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The Grotto

Tobermory Grotto is regarded as one of the top tourist destinations in the world. Tobermory’s uniqueness as a destination has never been a secret to any of us. Since we first began scuba diving in the year 2000, the shipwrecks in its frigid seas have been a major draw for us.

However, until it captured the attention of Instagram users, we did not devote any time or effort to investigating its appeal to photographers.

In the past, we had complete exclusivity to this breathtaking stretch of coast on the Bruce Peninsula. Today, if you want to see the turquoise waters sparkling inside a cave, you will need to make a reservation.

However, because of COVID, tourism is currently restricted, so now could be a good time to go back and experience it without the crowds. Here you can find all the requirements for getting a Canada visa for Dutch citizens.

Island in a Flowerpot

Flowerpot Island is another well-known destination for tourists in Ontario, and it is conveniently located nearby. Tobermory’s Fathom Five National Marine Park was a popular diving spot for us around the turn of the century (I know that it’s hard to believe that it’s been that long since we were there, but it was actually only 20 years ago!).

Hikers, daytrippers, and boat tours all make their way to Flowerpot Island to check out the intriguing rock formations, which include pillars and caves.

Wiarton Willy

Wiarton Willy, also known as Canada’s version of Punxsutawney Phil, may be found in the town of Wiarton, which is situated on the water.

Every year in February, a large number of people congregate around the groundhog’s house to see him make his prediction on whether or not spring will arrive early or late, depending on whether or not he sees his shadow.

Visitors are welcome to stop by Willy’s house at any time during the remaining months of the year to say hello. Check out what documents are required when you apply for a Canada visa for Portuguese citizens.

White River

If you don’t pay attention, you can miss it, yet Winnie the Pooh made White River famous. Despite its diminutive size, the White River is widely regarded as one of the most significant historical sites in all of Canada, and with good reason.

In the year 1914, a hunter fatally shot the mother bear of a bear cub and then took the youngster back to town with him to keep as a pet.

A soldier who was traveling through White River by rail picked up the bear cub, paid twenty dollars for it, and took it with him to Europe. When the soldier’s regiment was sent to France to fight in the war, he gave the bear to an English zoo so that it may spend the rest of its life there.

The bear died in the English zoo. The author A.A. Milne was a frequent visitor to the zoo, and his son Christopher Robin took a shine to a bear there and gave it the moniker “Pooh.” It was in White River when Winnie the Pooh first made his appearance.

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