Published On: Thu, Dec 15th, 2022

Traverse City, Michigan Offers a Wonderful Variety of Attractions

Traverse City Best Attractions

In spite of its status as one of the most beautiful lakeside cities in the Midwest, Traverse City is often overlooked as a contender for the title of one of the most underappreciated small cities in the United States.

There is a wide array of activities available there, such as plenty of opportunities for outdoor amazing adventures and a few haunted wonders!

It is home to a noteworthy wine and food scene and is bordered by cherry orchards, which combine to make it a perfect destination for nature enthusiasts as well as those who appreciate fine dining.

Ghost Tour

This walking tour of the downtown area was designed just for those of you who have an interest in ghost stories and other strange occurrences. This 1.5-hour evening ghost tour will bring some of the most well-known haunted spots in the city.

It’s a humorous and exciting ghost search that you won’t soon forget, even if you don’t come across any distressed ghosts. This trip will take you to some of Traverse City’s most well-known haunted spots. Traverse City is packed with eerie history.

Rickshaw Tour

What is it, a rickshaw, in the state of Michigan? That’s definitely a first for me to hear of! This offbeat tour is perfect for people who are visiting the city for the first time because it will take you to five distinct neighborhoods.

The book will provide you with information regarding anything from Traverse City’s buildings and attractions to its attractions and companies. Follow this guide if you are interested in getting an American visa for Dutch citizens.

This rickshaw tour of Traverse City is a great way to kick off your journey in the city so that you can gain your bearings before continuing on with the rest of your vacation.

Asylum Flashlight Tour

After you’ve finished with the ghost tour, you should check out this one if you just can’t get enough of eerie tours. On the grounds of the former State Hospital of Traverse City is a haunted institution known as the Northern Michigan Asylum.

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This institution is rumored to be haunted. During this tour, you will have the opportunity to explore the most famous cottages located on the property, as well as take a walk through steam tunnels that date back to the year 1885 using just the light from a flashlight.

Boardman Lake Trail

This route is approximately four miles long and is a component of the TART. It can be seen running along the water’s edge at Boardman Lake. The Boardman Lake Trail begins in Medalie Park, travels past Hull Park, and even provides access to the local public library in the center of town.

This section of the broader TART preserve is heavily wooded and, as a rule, very peaceful and quiet. It is a wonderful spot for unwinding and getting in touch with the natural world.

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West End Beach

A sizable bayfront park and beach may be found at West End, which is located along West Grand Traverse Bay. In addition to being a well-liked location for swimming and kayaking, it is also a mecca for people who enjoy playing volleyball and who own dogs.

The TART provides access to West End Beach and a parking lot on the park’s eastern side where you can store your vehicle. Here you can find a list of 10 beautiful beaches for an intimate honeymoon.

Clinch Park and Beach

This beachfront location in downtown Grand Traverse offers more than 1,500 feet of sandy shoreline along West Grand Traverse Bay. It is without a doubt the most popular beach, which means that during the summer months it may get rather crowded.

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If you want to guarantee yourself a position, you should arrive there as early as possible. Because this beach is adjacent to the TART route, it is convenient for people who are bicycling or walking the trail to stop here for a break.

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It shouldn’t come as a surprise that this city of Michigan, Traverse City is a wonderful place to get some paddleboarding in because there is so much fresh water in the surrounding area. Paddle TC is widely considered to be among the most reputable businesses of its kind in this city.

Even yoga on stand-up paddleboards (SUPs) can be practiced at Clinch Park on West Bay. If you think that paddleboarding on its own is a good exercise, you should try practicing yoga while standing on a board.

It is a fun activity that allows you to challenge yourself while also allowing you to enjoy the water at the same time. This is the location where you can make your class reservation.

Mission Point Lighthouse

This historic lighthouse served its purpose from the years 1870 until 1933, directing sailors and mariners through West Traverse Bay. These days, visitors can explore this fascinating relic on their own and gain insight into the history of Traverse City in the process.

In addition, for a nominal additional charge, visitors are able to scale the tower in its entirety, all the way to the very peak.