Places to Visit Around Mawlynnong: Asia’s Cleanest Village

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Mawlynnong Attractions

Mawlynnong is a clean and tiny town in the East Khasi Hills of Meghalaya that is also referred to as God’s own Garden. It is located around 90 kilometres away from Shillong.

Due to the fact that it was recognised by Discovery India in 2003 as the cleanest hamlet in all of Asia, it is now considered to be one of the most popular tourist spots in the Indian state. Mawlynnong village is an ecotourism programme that is community-based.

As part of this initiative, the whole community works together to ensure that the village is kept clean, both when it was first built and now.

Mawlynnong is a small village in Meghalaya, but it boasts some of the most breathtaking natural scenery in all of Meghalaya, including lush green valleys, rivers with water as clear as glass, an abundance of flowering orchids hanging from the trees, and extremely clean roads.

All of these features combine to make Mawlynnong a must-see destination for tourists travelling through Meghalaya. In addition, Mawlynnong village has good weather throughout the year.

However, the village tends to extend its elegance during the monsoon season, which gives tourists the impression that they are in paradise even though they are on earth.

In addition to its tidiness, Mawlynnong is well-known for its live root bridges, its tribal residents’ 100 per cent literacy rate, its excellent women’s empowerment, and its kind friendliness toward tourists.

Mawlynnong Attractions and Sightseeing Opportunities

Check out some of the best attractions and sightseeing opportunities in Mawlynnong, the cleanest village in Asia. A lot of people from Oman would love to visit this tourist spot in India. So, here is a guide that might be useful for getting an Indian visa for Oman citizens.

Umngot river/Dawki river

You will encounter the Umngot/Dawki river on your way to Mawlynnong hamlet from Shillong. This river is well recognised as having the best water quality of any river in India.

The water is so pure and transparent that it gives the impression that the boats are floating on the river’s bottom, which is an experience that only comes around once in a person’s lifetime. The cost of a boat trip on the river is around 600 Indian Rupees (INR) for a duration of forty minutes.

Falls of Bophill

You will be thrilled to see an incredible piece of natural beauty in the shape of a waterfall known as Bophill falls as you are travelling to Mawlynnong from Dawki. This waterfall is located between the two towns.

Because of the amazing intensity with which the water is falling to create a river in the border region of Sylhet in Bangladesh, the water has the appearance of a milky white colour.

Umgrem Falls

In addition to being known as Dawki falls, this waterfall can be found close to the border road on the way to Mawlynnong hamlet. It is regarded as a hidden treasure inside the state of Meghalaya and is very well-liked by visitors.

This guide is specially prepared for getting an Indian visa for Japan citizens so that they can also visit this village. Japanese people are famous because they love to keep things clean.

Sky view

The site is a well-known tourist destination in Mawlynnong village and is known by the name Sky Walk. It is constructed of cane and bamboo and gives a comprehensive view of the Indo-Bangladesh border in addition to the settlement.

If you want to visit this tower which is 85 feet tall and gives a panoramic and gorgeous view of the terrain, the Indo-Bangladesh border, and locals going about their daily activities, you will have to pay INR 10 for each person in your party.

Mawlynnong Waterfall

There is a second waterfall inside the town proper that is regarded to be an incredible picnic area for tourists. Here, visitors may spend a tranquil day with the tingling sound of the waterfall playing in the background.

Living Root Bridge and Riwai village

Visit the neighbouring town of Riwai, which is just two kilometres away, once you have completed your exploration of all of the noteworthy locations in Mawlynnong. The hamlet is famous for its spectacular hiking opportunities across the surrounding jungles.

The living root bridge, on the other hand, is by far the most well-known attraction for visitors to the area. In order to go over the river, there is a little bridge that has been built in the shape of trees and is constructed out of the aerial roots of rubber fig trees.

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