8 Most Popular Activities and Top Things to Do in Izmir

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Best Things to Do in Izmir

Izmir’s architectural ruins, which date back to prehistoric times, also carry a significant amount of weight and are very important. Izmir’s oldest cities are among the city’s top ten tourist attractions because they both preserve a record of the city’s rich history and provide visitors with a glimpse of some of the city’s more recent accomplishments.

Izmir is also home to a number of the world’s finest restaurants and coffee shops, where one can enjoy a hearty meal accompanied by a variety of energizing beverages. These places can simply be added to the list of top things to do in Izmir.

Let’s do some research and find out which Izmir attractions are absolute must-sees that will imprint themselves indelibly on your mind.

1. Izmir Agora

A historic Roman site, Izmir Agora can be found on the hillside of Izmir, which is located around Kemerati and the other buildings of Izmir.

It provides a glimpse into the history of this region, which dates back more than eighty-five years, to a time when it was formerly known as Smyrna. In the year 178 AD, an earthquake completely destroyed it, but the Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius later had it restored to its former glory.

The eye-catching features of this ruin include the Corinthian colonnade and the reconstructed Faustina Gate. The vaulted chambers are also very appealing. All of this gives tourists an idea of how exactly the marketplace looked like back when it was at its busiest.

The city of Izmir is on our list of must-visit cities in Turkey for first-time travelers.

2. Ephesus

Ephesus is an ancient Roman city and it was once a very popular stop along the Silk Road. Nowadays, visiting Ephesus is one of the must-visit places to visit in Izmir, and the city receives almost 2 million tourists each year.

People from around the world used to sail to this port in ancient times so that they could stock up on fruits and exotic spices, pay a visit to skilled cloth-makers of Turkey, or simply soak up the flavor of the city’s multiculturalism.

The newly reconstructed Celsus Library, which was built using a method known as double-wall construction in order to ensure the safety of the 12,000 scrolls, kept inside, is a fantastic example of the importance that mankind has always placed on acquiring knowledge.

A lot of tourists from South Africa visit Ephesus every year. So, here is a guide for them on how to get a Turkey visa for South African citizens.

3. Pergamon Acropolis

The ancient Greek city of Pergamon, which was a power center in the 2nd Century BC and sits atop a hilltop is also known as the Pergamon Acropolis.

The colossal structure of the Pergamon Altar, which is comprised of towering pillars, is the primary reason why this location is so well-known.

My favorite part of Pergamon was the world’s oldest and most precipitous theatre, which is perched precariously on the side of a hill and overlooks the city of Bergama.

Izmir is home to a large number of attractions, but this particular site should not be skipped if you visit the city.

4. Hierapolis-Pamukkale

Hierapolis-Pamukkale is a Greek-Roman spa town and it is at the very top of many travelers’ “must-see” lists due to the white travertine terraces that were formed by the naturally occurring hot springs that trickle down the slope.

Spend some time soaking in the warm mineral pools just like the Romans did in the days gone by after touring the ancient temples of Hierapolis and making your way along the winding path that winds through Pamukkale.

5. Kemaralt─▒ Market

Have some spare time and aren’t sure what you should do in Izmir? This Izmir attraction is not to be missed, especially if you enjoy the commotion and noise that accompany busy marketplaces.

Izmir’s Central Bazaar is known for its friendly atmosphere, with market vendors shouting and smiling as they invite tourists and Izmir residents alike to peruse their wares. Every tourist keeps this market always on the list of top things to do in Izmir

Izmir’s merchants are eager to engage in conversation, in contrast to those found in many other cities and countries around the world. Even if it’s clear that you won’t be purchasing anything from them, such as a Turkish wedding costume or a pound of sardines, they would love to engage you.

The inquisitive eater will find plenty to satisfy their cravings in this location. Spend a few lira if you want the opportunity to watch a happy candy vendor skilfully twirl his vats of liquid sugar onto a stick. The stick will be yours to keep.

While you can get salty, sour olives in every color of the rainbow, you can get this sticky and sweet Turkish delight in every color of the rainbow. The colors range from bright green to deep black and purple.

A trip to the Kemaralt Market is without a doubt one of the most delicious things you can do in Izmir. You should apply for a tourist visa in order to visit Izmir as an international tourist. Here you can find all the Turkey visa types and required documents for getting a Turkish visa.

6. Village of ┼×irince

The winding alleyways of Irince conceal mysteries around every bend, and the city’s historic buildings in various states of disrepair are a photographer’s dream subject matter.

The merchants in the central business district of the town smile and greet passers-by as they proudly display the handcrafted goods they sell.

When you reach the highest points of the village, it feels like you’ve entered another era entirely. Cats laze around on any available surface, basking in the afternoon sun, while tiny elderly women dressed in traditional garb communicate with each other from open doorways.

7. Izmir Wildlife Park

Izmir Wildlife Park is obviously the must-visit place in Izmir for people who have an interest in wildlife as well as people who appreciate nature in general. It is surrounded by beautiful flowers and lush green trees.

It is one of the largest zoos in Izmir and occupies a total area of approximately 425,000 square meters across its entirety. You will have the opportunity to see some of the world’s rarest birds, plants, and animals while you are in this area.

The animals that live here are not confined in cages like those that can be found in other zoos; rather, they are allowed to roam free in an environment that is representative of their natural habitat.

The wildlife park or the Zoo is home to approximately 15,000 animals of 120 different species, including animals such as zebras, deer, lions, monkeys, tigers, gazelle, hippopotamuses, camels, and ostriches.

It is also a wonderful location for weekend getaways and picnics, where you can develop strong relationships with the local wildlife and birds.

8. Konak Pier

The once-quaint seaside pier that is now home to a shopping, dining, and cinema complex is known as the Konak Pier. This complex was designed to keep guests occupied and entertained during their time at the pier.

It has evolved into the most important center for amusement in the city, and now visitors can partake in a wide variety of exciting pursuits there, such as taking in a concert, grabbing a bite to eat, and shopping for mementos to give to their loved ones.

It was designed by the well-known architect Gustav Eiffel, and today it is considered to be one of the most significant landmarks in all of Izmir.

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