Enjoy a Ride on Wellington Cable Car and Top Attractions Around It

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Wellington Cable Car

The Wellington Cable Car is a funicular railway that travels between the stations of Lambton Quay in the downtown area and the well-known Wellington Botanic Garden located higher up. It is widely considered to be one of the most popular tourist attractions in the city.

The travel time is an exhilarating ascent in the upward direction, and the cable traction is what allows the car to move. The journey is a magnificent shift from the hubbub of the city centre to the nicely terraced steps of the Botanic Gardens on the hillside.

It covers a distance of 612 metres and rises a steep hill with a height of 120 metres.

The town’s identity can be said to be inextricably linked to the cable car, which, in addition to presenting breathtaking panoramic vistas, presents breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape. It’s a charming place to get away from the busyness of the city.

In addition to providing you with entrancing sights of the city and harbour Te Whanganui-a-Tara, this cable car also comes equipped with a telescope, which you can employ in order to better appreciate the surrounding area.

In addition, you have the option of grabbing a bite to eat at the top at either the Cable Top Eatery or the Picnic Eatery, which are located next to the Begonia House in the Botanic Gardens.

What Should You Know?

You can get a ticket at the ticket booth and then take a thrilling ride up Kelburn Hill for five minutes after you buy the ticket. If you are a foreign tourist from Belgium, you should also have your New Zealand visa for Belgian citizens.

One Way Ride

The vast majority of travellers only purchase tickets for one-way travel upwards. This ride will drop you off at the top after taking in the breathtaking sights of the harbour & the city skyline before continuing on your journey.

When you descend from the top station, you will discover that you are ensconced in enchanted surroundings. The top station is located within the Wellington Botanic Gardens.

There are gorgeous hills that have been terraced and flower beds that are always kept in good condition. On the way back, you can take a walk back downhill to Lambton Quay by way of Bolton Street Cemetery and the Beehive.

This will bring you back to where you started. You can find maps at various points along the way to assist you in navigating more effectively. You also have the option to purchase a return ticket and ride the cable car back down to the bottom station.

Return Ticket

There will be no time limits on your return trip in the event that you decide to purchase a ticket for that purpose. You are free to board and exit the cable car at any time, as it operates at regular intervals of ten minutes (fifteen minutes after 8:00 PM), and you can ride it as many times as you like.

Following your time spent taking in the scenery along the route, you can unwind at the Botanic Gardens, discover the neighbourhood, and then make your way back using the same route.

Enjoy the Views from the Top

You are able to get a glimpse of the breathtaking views of the harbour, Whanganui-a-Tara, and the city from a platform that has been specifically designed to give you access to both indoor and outdoor spaces.

You can also make use of the telescope that is provided here in order to get a better look at the surrounding area. Despite the fact that there is a fee for using it, be sure to keep some spare change on you at all times.

Cable Top Eatery

Located at the very top, this establishment provides a wide selection of finger foods, snacks, and even wine and some of New Zealand’s most well-known beers.

At a short distance from the summit is the Kelburn Village, which is home to a number of additional cafes, restaurants, and other food outlets of various kinds.

There is also the option of eating at the Picnic Cafe, which is available in the Wellington Botanic Gardens right next to the Begonia House.

Gift Shop

There is a gift shop located in the Lambton Quay Terminal. From this gift shop, you can buy trinkets, gifts, and other little trinkets to take back home with you both for yourself and for your family and friends.

Attractions Near Wellington Cable Car

There are various attractions new the Wellington Cable Car, so make sure that you already have applied for your New Zealand visa for French citizens. Once you have your visa, you can take your flight to Wellington.

Wellington Botanic Gardens

The Wellington Botanic Gardens are beautiful and pure green sightseeing on the hillside that sprawls over 25 acres of land. They are located away from the chaos and cacophony of the city of Wellington, New Zealand.

You are welcome to go for a stroll among the lush lawns and colourful flower beds that have been meticulously maintained. In addition to that, it features a food cafe where you can get something to eat whenever you start to feel hungry.

Cable Top Museum

The narrative of the history of cable cars can be found at the Cable Top Museum, which is housed within the Original Winding House. In addition to that, it is home to two of the original cars as well as the winding gear.

Red is the colour of one of the vehicles, and it has a livery that is reminiscent of the 1970s. And the other is a green area that had its appearance improved in 2005. This is unquestionably one of the most popular tourist destinations in the city.

Here you can learn about the Wellington Museum as well in detail.


The Botanic Garden station is the starting point for a shuttle that will take visitors to the popular attraction known as Zealandia, which can be reached in just five minutes.

The area encompasses a total land area of 225 hectares and is home to both a flourishing wildlife preserve as well as an exhibition centre.

Space Place

In less than two minutes, you can reach Space Place which is the best astronomical attraction near the Wellington cable car.

In addition to its many space-related exhibits, artefacts, and multimedia exhibitions, it also features its very own planetarium, which plays host to a variety of different space shows. Timings


  • Seven o’clock in the morning until ten o’clock at night, from Monday through Friday
  • 8:30 AM to 10:00 PM on Saturday and 8:30 AM to 9:00 PM on Sunday.
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