7 Best Coffee Shops In Ottawa That You Can Try

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Coffee Shops in Ottawa

It’s possible that you’re going to be in Ottawa during the winter, and that you’re searching for a way to remain warm while you’re there. Or maybe you’re going to Ottawa during the summer and you want to find somewhere to have an ice-cold beverage.

It doesn’t matter what time of the year you visit Ottawa, here are the best coffee shops in Ottawa that you must try and I am damn sure that you will love these.

The Ministry of Coffee

The Ministry of Coffee came highly recommended by one of my friends who lives in the Ottawa area, and I couldn’t wait to check it out. He forewarned me that the atmosphere was a little bit hipster, but the coffee was excellent.

Always follow the advice of the locals when they give you a solid suggestion. There is little doubt that the coffee served at the Ministry of Coffee is among the very finest in all of Ottawa.

When I walked inside the store on Elgin Street, the first thing that struck me was how warm and inviting the space was. Even though it was the morning of a weekday, all of the tables were occupied by young individuals engaged in the activity of working on their computers.

If you are interested in getting some work done, the atmosphere is ideal for you to do so; nevertheless, you need to come there early in order to ensure that you obtain a seat.

I Deal Coffee

I Deal Coffee, which is located on the edges of the ByWard Market and has been roasting its own coffee for the last 15 years, just celebrated its third anniversary. They concentrate on producing a dark roast of coffee and roasting the beans in batches that are rather small.

Their coffee beans come from growers all around the globe who use ethical sourcing practices. However, they also like cultivating ties with local partners and citizens of the neighborhood.

I Deal Coffee provides customers with the opportunity to sample seven distinct blends, some of which include beans from Guatemala, Costa Rica, and Colombia.

They take great care in cooking all of their meals from scratch, which often consists of a selection of soups, salads, and sandwiches. If you’re looking for a delicious vegan dinner, give the peanut noodle salad a go.

Planet Coffee in ByWard Market

Planet Coffee, located in Ottawa’s ByWard Market, was one of the city’s first coffee shops and is now owned and operated by a woman (since 1994). They are quite proud of both the quality of their coffee and the excellent service they provide.

After being in business for 25 years, you can be assured that they have mastered the art of providing customers with the greatest cup of coffee possible.

Their coffee is roasted by Fluid Coffee Roasters, which is a solar-powered business whose proprietors not only live off the electrical grid but also run their operations from there.

This coffee firm makes one of the most environmentally friendly beans possible by making use of natural resources like the sun and the wind in their production process.

While you are visiting Ottawa after getting your Canada visa for South Korea citizens, you must try this coffee shop to feel cozy.

The Arlington Five: Best Coffee Shops in Ottawa

You’ll find Arlington Five right in the middle of the action in Ottawa, and it’s widely regarded as one of the best and most well-liked coffee shops in the city. During the warm summer months, they provide Lulo Coffee beans and a variety of seasonal lemonades.

Do not fail to notice the vibrant mural that has been painted on the outside wall of the building. It is the best spot to take some pictures while holding a cup of coffee!

Cloudforest Coffee Shop Ottawa

Coffee beans offered by Cloudforest Coffee are cultivated in a cloud forest valley that is tucked away on the western slopes of the Andes mountains in Ecuador.

You may sample some of the city’s finest coffee in one of their cafés or buy the beans to make it at home by placing an order on their website. It is a specialized Arabica coffee that is cultivated in the shade at high elevations, and it is also favorable to the birds who live there.

You can have this coffee without feeling guilty about it. The profits have supported a community of local farmers in Ecuador who have been fighting mining firms and have contributed to the construction of a school in that country.

Cloudforest Coffee has two locations; the first is in Ottawa at its Westboro café, and the second is in Gatineau at its Hull cafe. Canada visa for Latvia citizens is easy to get approved and once you have that, must visit Ottawa as it has a lot of tourist attractions. During your visit don’t forget to try Cloudforest Coffee.

Ottawa Coffee Takeaway: Bread and Sons

It just so happened that Bread and Sons were located near the Airbnb place I was staying in. I also found out that they were open very early in the morning, and that in addition to serving vegan sweets, they also have vegan breakfast options. It was only natural for me to go there!

This is not the type of coffee shop where you can sit for hours on end catching up with your friends and conversing with them. When I went there, it appeared like a lot of people liked it for its grab-and-go options.

There was a line of customers that went quite rapidly as a result of the fact that everyone was aware of what they intended to get. The customers were almost all businesspeople on their way to work who stopped in for a cup of coffee and a quick breakfast.

Even while the coffee was tasty, what really blew my mind was the freshly made oatmeal chocolate chip cookie. In addition to that, they serve vegan slices of pizza and vegan muffins. Even if you aren’t here for the coffee, you should at least sample one of the delights that are made from plants.

Equator Coffee Roasters

Although I haven’t had the opportunity to visit the facility of Equator Coffee Roasters in Ottawa, I have had the pleasure of going to their flagship coffee shop in the town of Almonte, and I truly enjoyed it.

They have been roasting beans at their Almonte site, which is just down the road from Ottawa, for almost 20 years now.

The Equator has close contact with a number of groups who are engaged in subsistence agriculture. They are quite proud of the fact that their company is both socially and ecologically responsible.

This is a real fair trade company, and their cup of coffee is very probably obtained in the most ethical manner of any in all of Ottawa. They also have a café in the National Arts Centre of Canada, which is another great option if you can’t make it to their site in Westboro.

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