Pros and Cons of Playing Video Games: Mobile and PC Gaming

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pros and cons of video games

Many individuals believe that video games are partly to blame for the violence we see in the world today. In fact, the top five most popular video games at the moment are all shooter titles. As a result, this argument may be correct to some degree.

Children that play video games are more likely to develop their imaginations, become more competitive, and become more socially aware. It’s been a long time since people started debating the pros and cons of playing video games on computers and mobiles.

This raises a number of issues, such as:

Would you say that the benefits of video games outweigh the drawbacks? Is it possible that playing video games makes you more violent? Does playing video games improve your intellect? Is gaming beneficial or harmful? Learn more by continuing to read.

While video games can be an enjoyable way to escape from the real world, excessive gaming among children can have unintended repercussions.

There are a lot of pros and cons of video gaming. We’ll discuss the pros of playing video games here. Later on, we’ll discuss the cons of playing video games for young people.

Check out the pros and cons of video games before allowing your kids to spend too much time playing them.

Pros of Video Gaming

As you’ll see below, playing video games has a variety of advantages. We discovered these benefits of gaming by speaking with a variety of players, including professionals and parents of youngsters who regularly engage in video gameplay.

1. Improve Brain Function by Playing Games

Brain Function Video Gaming

Many types of research have demonstrated that playing video games improves one’s cognitive capacity. Over the course of two months, researchers had individuals play Super Mario 30 minutes a day for 30 days.

Memory, strategic planning, reaction time, and language understanding improved in the brains of those who had played video games compared to those who had not.

Findings like these are particularly encouraging for those suffering from mental diseases that induce the shrinkage of certain brain regions. Video games can thus be used as a form of rehabilitation.

2. The Ability to Think Quickly, Analyze, and Make Decisions

Every second of the game requires the player to make a quick decision. As a result, the brain gets a good workout, which helps it think and analyze more quickly.

Stress-inducing video games, such as those found in shooters and war simulations, may be particularly beneficial in teaching players about real-world circumstances, according to University of Rochester experts.

In this study, it was found that playing action games can help develop the brain’s ability to make snap decisions. The vast majority of decisions made by gamers are correct.

3. Situational Awareness

Video games are being used by the military as a training tool for soldiers, according to reports. Situational awareness can be improved through a variety of action and warfare games.

As the game progresses, the player is expected to adapt their strategy to new conditions. It also develops a player’s ability to anticipate events in a given situation. So, this is one of the biggest pros of playing computer games.

4. Improved Resilience through Video Games

High-level games are either won or lost, and there is no between-ground. As you work toward your objective, you will make mistakes and learn from them.

You can never give up and keep trying no matter how many challenges you face because it instills in players the will to never give up and keep trying until you triumph.

5. Increased Problem-Solving Abilities through Gaming

Creative problem-solving methods are required in a variety of games. Because of this, you must take into account the current scenario and make a decision based on your limited resources.

Players learn how to cope with difficult situations by playing the game. This is another advantage of playing video games for your real life.

6. It Improves Focus

Action games, it turns out, can also help people pay more attention to the finer details of their surroundings. As a result, one can substantially enhance the student’s ability to focus and perform better in class.

So, you can get more benefits from playing video games by improving your focus on real-world problems.

7. It’s All About Working Together

There are a number of multiplayer games that necessitate the participation of a team. For the team to succeed in these games, each player must offer their abilities.

Because they’ll learn how to work together as a team in this fashion, the children will be prepared for their future careers.

Cons of Playing Video Games

In this section, we’ll examine the disadvantages of playing video games on a computer or mobile. Research and feedback from parents of children who spend long periods of time playing video games helped our team better understand the detrimental consequences of gaming.

1. Addiction to Video Games can Cause Obesity

Addiction of Playing Video Games

Video games, according to some researchers, increase adolescent hunger and obesity risk factors. More than half of American children between the ages of 12 and 17 play video games for more than three hours a day.

The simple act of sitting on the couch and hitting joystick buttons is all it takes for one in seven children to become obese.

As a result, sitting for long periods of time without getting up and moving around can increase your risk of developing obesity-related health problems later in life.

Here you can check a list of the most addicting iPhone games for children.

2. Backaches Problems

Backaches are a common symptom of gaming addiction since gamers prefer to stay in the same position for a longer period of time.

Inactivity can lead to stiffness and discomfort, which can result in long-term health issues. When playing video games for a lengthy period of time, you need to ensure that your posture is correct.

3. Mental Illness and Aggressive Behavior

Players who play violent video games are more likely to exhibit aggressive tendencies. Video games and violent behavior could lead to a downward spiral in children’s development.

As a result, they’ll be apprehensive about schoolwork and frustrated if they don’t get enough time to play. In addition, studies show that youngsters who play violent video games have more aggressive fantasies and actions.

This is one of the biggest and more concerning disadvantages of playing video games.

4. Dopamine Addiction

The dopamine impact can be problematic for children who are addicted to violent video games. Video games are known to release a neurotransmitter known as dopamine in your brain, which is responsible for your enjoyment.

Video games cause your brain to release a neurotransmitter called dopamine, which can lead to addiction. As a result, if you play video games more frequently, you’ll experience greater levels of satisfaction. It’s nearly tough to get off when you have a dopamine addiction.

5. Playing Video Games Can Affect Your Health


The physical health of youngsters who are hooked to violent video games is harmed by these activities.

Children that play video games for long periods of time can suffer from sleep disturbances, headaches, dry eyes, muscle ailments, and postural problems.

Some of the side effects include anxiousness and an elevated heart rate.

6. Lack of Physical Activities and Poor Grades in School

Even while gaming is a passion, excessive time spent playing it can impede youngsters from learning new things and participating in outside activities.

As a result of putting his or her education on hold, an addict may end up with a blemished educational record. If you don’t have a strong education, you won’t be able to get a job.

7. Social Isolation

One of the main drawbacks of the gaming community is the lack of interaction with others. Kids become isolated from society when they are addicted to video games.

There is nothing they enjoy more than being alone. The result of this is that they are more likely to suffer from depression, anxiety, and other mental illnesses.

Final Thoughts

Game sales are expanding at an exponential rate as more than 2 billion individuals globally play video games on computers or mobiles. Children can benefit and be harmed by the widespread use of this popular form of entertainment.

On the other hand, playing video games for an extended period of time can have the most harmful effects. Addiction to video games is just as deadly as gambling, according to a recent study.

It is the responsibility of parents to raise their children. In today’s fast-paced environment, denying kids the opportunity to play video games will inhibit their mental growth and hinder their capacity to compete effectively in the marketplace.

It’s possible, however, that enabling them to play video games at their leisure will have the most negative consequences.

Short-term use of video games is necessary for their health benefits. Gamers should limit their time in order to focus on schoolwork, get adequate rest, and maintain a healthy weight.

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