An explosion in a Crowded Dhaka Bazaar Claimed 15 Lives

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The explosion took place on the seventh floor of the structure, and according to the official, it caused significant damage to two of the building’s floors.

DHAKA: An official from the local fire department reported that at least 15 citizens were killed and numerous more were injured after an explosion occurred on Tuesday in a bustling market area in the city of Dhaka, which is the capital of Bangladesh.

The explosion took place on the seventh level of a building, and according to the official, it caused significant damage to two of the structure’s floors.

There were a number of stores that sold sanitary items as well as other household goods. According to an employee with the fire department, Dinomoni Sharma, “the bomb also caused damage to a bus that was parked on the other side of the building.”

Sharma stated that the reason for the explosion was unknown and added that the number of fatalities could increase as search and rescue efforts continued.

The building and other neighboring structures appeared to have sustained considerable damage, and photographs taken at the scene revealed objects that had been inside the businesses stacked up outside on the street. A number of pedestrians sustained injuries as a result of falling debris and shattered glass.

According to statements made to the local media by Kamal Ahmed, who was one of the people hurt in the explosion, while shopping on the footpath he heard a big noise.

“As soon as I heard the sound, I collapsed. After then, I noticed smoke permeating the entire region. There are no buildings that can be seen. “Everyone is trying to get away from here,” he remarked.

As a result of an explosion that took place in Dhaka on Sunday, three persons lost their lives.

An explosion that may have been caused by gas occurred in Dhaka on Sunday, resulting in the deaths of three people. In the southeast region of Bangladesh, an oxygen factory experienced an explosion on Saturday, which was followed by a fire that claimed the lives of seven people and injured several others.

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