With Violence Erupting in Pakistan, Imran Khan Condemns an Attempted Arrest

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Imran Khan, the head of Pakistan’s major opposition party, claims the government is breaking the law by trying to detain him.

According to what he said to the BBC, “They ought all to be held accountable to the laws of the land.”

Earlier on Tuesday, as police attempted to detain the former prime minister in accordance with a court order, they engaged in a brawl with the former prime minister’s supporters who were gathered in front of his house in the city of Lahore.

Allegations have been made against him that he sold state goods while he was in government. He claims that there is a political motivation behind the case.

On Tuesday, the atmosphere outside his property in Lahore was tense as the police attempted to force their way inside.

Police opened fire with tear gas shells in an effort to disperse Mr. Khan’s followers, who were throwing stones and bricks.

The lawmaker, who is 70 years old, asserted that there was “no need” for law enforcement on Tuesday to arrest him because he had already posted bail protecting him until Saturday. He also stated that the government was resolved to lock him up and put him in jail despite the fact that their prior attempts had failed.

On Tuesday, he stated that he was “mentally prepared” for the possibility that he would be spending the night in a cell. “I’m not sure how many nights that will last, but I’m ready for it,” He said.

The former leader of the country displayed what he claimed to be canisters of tear gas and said that the canisters had been shot into his residence.

He claimed that the authorities were attempting to place him under arrest in order to prevent his party from running in the upcoming elections. But he continued, ” They will be unable to put a stop to my party from winning regardless of whether or not I am in jail.”

Marriyum Aurangzeb, a government minister, said that the police were only arresting him because they were ordered to do so by a court for corruption charges and that the decision had zero to do with the upcoming elections.

She asserted that Mr. Khan was evading arrest by hiding behind his party members, including women and children, in order to stoke discontent in the community.

Protests in support of Mr. Khan are also being held in a number of other locations.

He was removed from his position as prime minister in April of last year, but he has continued to exert pressure on his replacement, Shehbaz Sharif, by staging demonstrations and giving speeches demanding that elections scheduled for later this year be brought forward.

He holds Mr. Sharif responsible for the attempted murder that took place during a rally in November, during which he was injured in the leg.

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