Allen Lazard is excited to join the Jets and is Looking Forward to the arrival of Aaron Rodgers

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Allen Lazard, a wide receiver with the Jets, stated he was attracted to the team by the “bright lights” of New York City and his connection to the offensive coach. And then there’s the life-altering cash. Nevertheless, there is something else to consider.

On Friday, Lazard told reporters via a Zoom call that “it feels nice” to have No. 12 back under center.

Throughout his interview, Lazard made it sound as though he and Aaron Rodgers, a former teammate of his with the Green Bay Packers will be reuniting. Not yet; the Jets and Packers are still haggling over trade benefits and a new deal structure. Announcing his “intention” to join the Jets in 2023, Rodgers made the statement on Wednesday. While a swap is likely, it is not immediately on the horizon.

Lazard, now 27, spent the previous five seasons with the Packers before signing a contract worth $44 million with the Jets for four years. According to him, he and Rodgers recently chatted in the Los Angeles gym where they both do their offseason workouts. To hear Lazard tell it, Rodgers’ choice to participate in games for the Jets isn’t a condition of Lazard’s.

To quote Lazard, “my rapport with the quarterback has been great.” Wide receivers rely heavily on their connection with the quarterback. Indications point to his arrival, but I remarked in the room of locker after the season’s final game that I can only focus on myself and what’s best for me; I have no business worrying about anyone else.

Because of that, and because I want to be sure I’m making the best choice for my career, I made the decision to come here. Undoubtedly, his being here aids the team as a whole in its quest to advance to the next level, make a deep run in the playoffs, and ultimately lift the Lombardi Trophy.

When Lazard makes his selection, Rodgers will be pleased.

Last week, he spoke highly of Lazard to the Jets. Lazard had a career year in receiving with 788 yards and 60 receptions. In an interview with “The Pat McAfee Show” on Wednesday, Rodgers stated, “I believe, by looking at Allen Lazard dispassionately, a lot of people are able to say, ‘He’s a pretty talented player. We wish he were a part of our group.

Lazard, Elijah Moore, Corey Davis, Garrett Wilson, and Denzel Mims give the Jets at least four and potentially five starter-caliber receivers. Davis, who costs the team $11.2 million a year to keep on the books, may not be necessary.

Lazard is optimistic about the Jets’ potential to advance in the AFC if Rodgers is their starting quarterback. If you have Aaron Rodgers at quarterback, you always have a chance to win games,” he stated when asked about the team’s potential. The Super Bowl, in other words.

After going untouched by the draught after graduating from Iowa State and then being released by both the Jaguars and the Packers, Lazard has come a long way. In the end, with Rodgers’ assistance, he became well-known.

“He truly put his arm around me, and he’s a significant explanation for why I am present today,” he reflected. As much as I’d like to, I must concede. When I wasn’t likely to make the team out of training camp, he literally put his feet on a table to advocate for me. He told me to play, he counted on me in tense moments, and he always had faith in me.

Lazard also gave praise to the Packers’ former team offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett (2019-2021). During Lazard’s tenure with the Jaguars, Hackett was also a member of the coaching staff.

“He’s the best professor I’ve ever had,” Lazard gushed. And it applies to both the classroom and the gridiron.

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