Tony Annese of Ferris State was Handed a Playoff Suspension by the NCAA

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The NCAA has decided to suspend the football team’s head coach for one game of the postseason because two of his players smoked cigars in a changing room that is smoke-free¬†after the team won the national championship in December. Tony Annese is the current and defending champion of Division II for Ferris State University.

When the Bulldogs next make it to the Division II playoffs, Annese, who is 62 years old, will have to serve the suspension. The National Collegiate Athletic Association did not reveal the identities of the two athletes who were caught lighting cigars in the Stadium of McKinney ISD, a high school stadium located west of Dallas that prohibits the use of tobacco products on its premises.

I get why the NCAA would be worried. In a statement released on Thursday, Annese said, “My coaching staff addressed the two violations mentioned by the NCAA quickly after the match, during the time when I attended the media briefing following the game.” We had stressed to the team daily heading up to the final game that cigars might¬†not be permitted as a form of celebration. We all knew it was wrong for those two guys to act in that way, and so did everyone on my squad.

Youngsters need to comprehend that there are repercussions for their activities, regardless of how inconsequential the deeds might appear to be. We will respond to your concerns and do all in our power to maintain a powerful and upbeat football program that accurately reflects Ferris State University both on as well as off the field.

Players at Ferris State University ignited cigars within the stadium after their school won its first national championship in 2021, which was followed by punishment and a warning to the players not to repeat the act in the future.

According to a statement released by Reid Amos, the commissioner of the Mountain East Conference, “the unacceptable conduct involved with this incident will not be permitted at any National Collegiate athletic association II championship.”

The NCAA upheld the university’s decision to suspend Annese, who will be starting his twelfth year in 2023 at Michigan University.

In addition, the NCAA levied a $2,500 fine on Ferris State, and the McKinney Independent School District levied a $15,383 fee for cleaning After the game against Colorado School of Mines, the locker room underwent some necessary repairs.

The athletic director at Ferris State University, Steve Brockelbank, has issued a statement in which he expresses his continued pride in the football team and coach. I get why the NCAA is worried, and we take full responsibility for our conduct and are committed to making sure this doesn’t happen again.

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