Following Retaliatory Attacks, Iranian Proxies Assaulted a US Outpost in Syria

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Following a string of retaliation strikes that were ordered by Vice President Biden, Iran’s proxies in Syria fired numerous missiles on a US base located in northeast Syria.

According to a defense official who spoke with Fox News, Iran proxy troops fired approximately seven missiles at a U.S. base located in north-eastern Syria on Friday in response to the United States of America.

Initial reports indicate that there have been no casualties among United States military personnel, nor is there any damage to the military base that is located next to the Al-Omar oil rig.

After a U.S. contractor was killed and six others were injured by a drone on Thursday, Retaliatory attacks were ordered by Vice President Biden, which included the rocket attacks. According to reports, eight Iranians were killed by U.S.-led attacks.

The United States Department of Defense announced on Thursday that an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) belonging to Iran’s IRGC collided with a building in the northeastern Syrian city of Hasakah at nearly 1:38 pm local time, resulting in the death of a United States government contractor. In addition, the incident resulted in the injury of five American service personnel and another American contractor.

A war monitor for the opposition in Syria called the Syrian Organization for the Monitoring of Human Rights reported that at least 8 Iranian militants were killed as a result of 2 of America’s attacks6

6 Iranian-backed militants were killed after a United States aircraft targeted an arms stockpile in Harabesh, which is located at the city of Deir el-Zour, located in the east. According to the Syria Observatory, which gets its information from local Syrian sources, a second bombardment by the United States at a checkpoint close to the city of Mayadeen resulted in the deaths of two further fighters.

The United States intelligence community determined that the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) that fell into a coalition facility and killed the United States contractor was of Iranian origin; consequently, President Biden instructed the military to respond, according to the Pentagon.

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin announced that he has given the go-ahead for U.S. Command And control forces to launch precise attacks today against various establishments in eastern Syria used by militants associated with IRGC. The strikes were carried out in retaliation for today’s assault and a string of others carried out by IRGC-affiliated militias against the forces of the Coalition in Syria in recent weeks.

According to the Observatory, another strike by the United States military targeted a military position near the city of Boukamal, which is located where it meets the Iraqi border. Their information has not been examined or validated by a third party.

While three of the wounded service personnel and the injured contractor were transported to healthcare facilities in Iraq that are operated by the Coalition, the other two injured service members received treatment at the location where they were injured.

As Vice President Joe Biden has made very clear, we would take any and all means needed to protect our people, and we will always react at a time and location of our choice “After that, Austin continued.”Nobody will be able to attack our soldiers without consequences.

In addition, he stated, “Our sympathies and prayers are with the contractor’s family and coworkers as well as those who were injured in the attack that took place earlier today.”

The Department of Defense has stated that the United States has taken “deliberate and proportionate action” in its targeted reaction, which has restricted the potential of escalation.

There are approximately 900 American forces now stationed in Syria.

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