Published On: Wed, Mar 29th, 2023

20 people were Killed in an Umrah bus Accident in Saudi Arabia

  • According to state media, there were multiple nationalities represented among the dead.
  • According to reports in the media, a vehicle crashed into a bridge, flipped, and then caught fire.
  • The 1st week of Ramadan is a popular time for pilgrims to perform the Umrah.

According to reports from Saudi official media, a collision on a bridge on Monday caused a bus carrying Muslims who are making the journey to the blessed city of Makkah to explode into flames, resulting in the deaths of twenty persons and the injuries of more than two dozen more.

The incident that took place in the southern region of Asir sheds light on the ongoing difficulties associated with transporting pilgrims to Medina and Mecca, which are considered to be the holiest locations in Islam.

It takes place in the initial week of Ramadan, which is a busy season for pilgrimages to perform the Umrah, and it occurs just a few months well before the yearly Hajj, which is expected to be attended by millions of Muslims.

According to the first information that we have already obtained, the number of fatalities caused by this catastrophe has approached 20, and the overall number of wounded is estimated to be around 29, as reported by the channel Al-Ekhbariya, which is associated with the state.

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It stated that the victims were of various nationalities however did not elaborate or give a breakdown of those nationalities.

The station reported that the vehicle had car difficulty, but did not provide any details, although the private publication Okaz reported that the accident was caused by a problem with the bus’s brakes.

The truck then crashed into a bridge, flipped over, and caught fire after the collision.

A reporter was seen in the video that was shown on Al-Ekhbariya standing close to what seemed to be the charred remains of the bus.

It is a dangerous responsibility to transport pilgrims around the holy sites of Saudi Arabia, especially during the Hajj, when traffic can become extremely chaotic and buses can cause interminable traffic jams. This is especially true during the hajj.

When a vehicle crashed with another big vehicle close to Medina in October 2019, approximately 35 people from various countries were killed, and four more were injured.

Yet, pilgrimages are a key part of a flourishing tourist industry in Saudi Arabia, which government officials hope will assist in diversifying the Saudi entire economy from its reliance on fossil resources.