Nokia Shows Off Its Redesigned Watches, Phones, and More

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Pure UI is the name of a fresh language for the design of user interfaces that have been developed by the Design Team of Nokia. This language is not only designed for usage with mobile phones but also with other types of goods.

The design strives to be consistent, versatile, and future-proof while showcasing a minimalistic and clean appearance, which is a major design trend at the moment. There are a lot of moving parts involved, starting with the templates and rules that determine how the whole thing is going to look.

Because it will be utilized throughout the user interface, the typeface known as Nokia Pure plays an important part in the latest design language.

Moreover, the Pure UI provides new icons that are based on strokes. These symbols are modifiable to meet the visual capabilities and requirements of various devices. The user’s attention can be drawn to particular components with the help of these icons by using a smooth animation.

The team of Nokia also produced standard components in order to assist designers in the process of designing screens that have a consistent appearance.

Dark Mode is supported by Pure UI, and when it is enabled, icons and elements will adapt necessary adjustments to their looks.

Even though Smartphones have traditionally maintained an appearance that is very similar to that of stock Android, we anticipate a shift towards using the design language known as Pure UI. On the other hand, there’s no indication as to when this change will take place.

Significantly, Pure UI is not confined to phones; its strong elements can also be used for the creation of complex dashboards based on the web, and it can scale from small displays worn on wrists to gigantic panels put on walls. This is a significant advantage.

On website of Nokia, you will be able to get a better look at the newly updated user interface.

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