Snapchat’s ChatGPT-Powered Chatbot is Now Available to all Users

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The word “chat” will soon take on a whole new connotation according to Snapchat’s upcoming update.

On Wednesday, Snap, the company that owns and operates Snapchat, made an announcement stating that its My AI chatbot, which can be customized, is now available to all consumers within the app.

Prior to this update, paid customers of Snapchat Plus were the only ones who had access to the functionality, which is driven by the popular AI chatbot ChatGPT.

The company claims that the software can compose a haiku in a matter of seconds, provides advice, responds to questions, assists users in making plans, and answers questions.

It is possible to bring it up in conversation with other people by mentioning it with the hashtag “@MyAI.” Users have the ability to further customize their Bitmoji by naming it and creating a unique avatar for it using the Bitmoji Creator.

This development comes a little over a month following ChatGPT’s creator, OpenAI, began providing access to the chatbot to organizations who were not affiliated with the platform.

A number of early partners, including Snap, Instacart, and the learning software Quizlet, experimented with integrating ChatGPT.

Since it was made available to the general public in November of 2022, ChatGPT has astounded a significant number of users with its remarkable capacity to write original essays, song lyrics, and stories in reaction to user suggestions.

The initial flurry of interest in the tool led to reviving competition among technology firms to build and implement similar AI tools within their products. This race was helped by the initial wave of focus on the tool.

The first group of businesses to start utilizing ChatGPT’s capability each has rather unique ideas about how to implement it into their operations.

However, when taken together, these offerings may test how effective artificial intelligence chatbots are capable of being in our regular lives and to what extent people desire to interact with these bots for customer support and other purposes across their favorite apps.

The addition of ChatGPT functionality can also present some potential dangers. This program, which receives instruction on large troves of data that are available online, has the capacity to respond to people in ways that may be deemed improper by those users. It also has the ability to distribute false information.

In a blog post published on Wednesday, Snap admitted that its My AI feature is not yet fully functional, despite the fact that the company has made significant strides in this direction.

For instance, it stated that approximately 99.5% of My AI comments are in accordance with its community norms. Snap has announced that it has implemented improvements in order to “help prevent reactions that might be harmful or inappropriate.”

The business also stated that it has introduced moderation technology and that it has included the new option as part of its in-app parenting tools.

According to the statement made by the corporation, “We are going to keep using these initial learnings in order to make AI an even more safe, useful, and fun experience,” and they are excited to hear “your views.”

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