Published On: Mon, Jul 10th, 2023

Vote in Uzbekistan is Expected to Solidify the President’s Power

Uzbekistan Voting

After polls began on Sunday in the gas-rich nation of Uzbekistan, Uzbek citizens took use of their right to vote in order to select a leader who will steer the country toward the future for a period of seven years.

The Central Election Commission of Uzbekistan made the announcement at an early morning press briefing that voting would begin at 8 am as well as was scheduled to end at 8 pm on Sunday. The country with the most people in Central Asia is Uzbekistan, and around 20 million Uzbeks are eligible to vote in these elections.

The early election took place a few months after a referendum on the constitution had made it possible for the current president, Shavkat Mirziyoyev, to be elected to a further two presidential terms and had increased the presidential duration from 5 to 7 years.

There were three people standing against President Mirziyoyev for the presidency: Ulugbek Inoyatov, who is a member of the People’s Democratic Party; Robakhon Mahmudova, who is a member of the “Adolat” (Justice) Socialist Democratic Party; along with Abdushukur Khamzaev, who is a member of Uzbekistan’s Ecological Party. President Mirziyoyev ultimately won the election.

There were 815,313 people who participated in this year’s early voting period, which was held from June 28 until July 5. Of those voters, 180,729 voted from outside the nation, while 634,584 voted from within the country.

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According to the Central Election Commission, the list of voters had more than 19.5 million residents, with 53% of those citizens being women and 47% of those citizens being men.

The Central Election Commission asserted that the presidential polls were carried out in full conformity with the national electoral laws, international standards and regulations, and international democratic ideals such as honesty, openness, and justice. This was stated in the commission’s official statement.

Over 53,000 local monitors directly witnessed the elections, including monitors from political organizations that had registered candidates for president and observers from citizens’ self-governing groups.

In order to ensure that the elections were conducted in an open and honest manner, there was an aggregate of 1,400 representatives from local and international media present.

In accordance with the Central Election Commission, the process was carried out without any instances of infractions or disruptions to the peace throughout its entirety. Haydarova Ziyota Tolipovna, the supervisor of voting station number 213, told Dawn that technical improvements such as facial recognition systems had been implemented to ensure that voting was fair.

 According to her, polling station 213 served 1,863 voters across two neighborhoods. In addition to the three people who are blind or visually impaired, there are a total of 12 first-time voters who were welcomed with open arms and given gifts.

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In addition to the guys, more than 500 of the residents of the two neighborhoods participated in the voting process, as she explained.

Atabayeva Sevara Kamilovna has been exercising her right to vote since she became 18 years old. Last Sunday, she was one of the first people to vote for the competitor who had been her top pick all week. During his reign, there was progress made in terms of women’s educational opportunities.

I was ready to launch my own company with the assistance of convenient financing. Ms. Kamilovna, she was a hairdresser, stated that she planned to expand her business and begin mentoring young women if he was elected president because of his progressive ideas.

Isoxojayev Shukrulla Sunnatilla Ogli, who had been an engaged voter ever since he turned 18, acknowledged that his nation had made significant progress, particularly in the past ten years. The retired chef, who is 64 years old, shared his prediction that in the coming ten years, our lives would change for the better, particularly for our grandkids.

Up until the time that this article was published, voting was still taking place, as well as the Central Election Commission had stated that it will release the final outcome on Monday.