Published On: Tue, Jul 18th, 2023

5 Things You Need In Your Special Effects Makeup Kit

Special Effects Makeup Kit

Special effects makeup can be extremely fun to use, especially if you are imaginative and love changing how someone looks for their stint on stage or at a party.

However, in order to be a professional special effects makeup artist, you are going to need more than paints and brushes to get the final looks that you want.

Special Effects Makeup Kit Items

So, when you are putting together your special effects makeup kit, what are some of the core items you will need?

Prosthetic Glue

Prosthetic glue is one of the staple special FX products by Wardrobe Supplies that every makeup artist needs.

This is important for applying prosthetics. However, there are two different types. The first is spirit gum, which can cause skin irritation on sensitive skin. The second type is medical glue, which is effective but can also cause blotchiness if it is applied to dry skin.

Setting Spray

With special effects makeup, it is likely that you will need to apply it in layers to get the final effect that you want. This can create a bit of an issue, irrespective of the makeup type you are using, as it can cause layers to blend, which may not be what you are after.

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So, it is worth investing in a setting spray for face paints and other types of special effects makeup, as this will allow you to build up your work and can allow depth that you would not be able to achieve with a single layer of paint.


When it comes to paints and special effects makeup, you are going to need more than a couple of types!

The majority of special effects makeup artists will have water-based paint, oil-based paint, cream-based paint, and powder-based paint as a starting point, as these will allow you to create different effects when applying makeup to yourself or somebody else.

Bear in mind that cream-based paints can be very expensive, so they should be used sparingly.

Liquid Latex

Liquid latex is another thing that the majority of special effects makeup artists are going to need at some point. Why? Because if you are familiar with liquid latex, you can create some truly striking and unique prosthetics with it.

Indeed, if you go onto a website like Etsy or another homemade products selling platform, you will discover some absolutely striking pieces of prosthetic makeup that have been made with liquid latex.

There are different types of liquid latex you can experiment with, and with some specialized homemade molds, you can really add something to your special effects kit.

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Liquid Collodion

When it comes to special effects makeup, the majority of people will, at some point, want to have a fake scar, either on their face or on their arm. So, it is well worth investing in some liquid collodion.

This is also known as scarring liquid, and it is a clear solution that is created for special effects makeup, and as you can guess, when it is applied to the skin, it causes the look of scarring.

Better yet, if you apply multiple layers of it to your skin, it can deepen the illusion of the scar. Paired with some fake blood, this can look amazing!