Top Tips for Establishing a Genuine Connection with Your Online Customers

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Connection with Your Online Customers

It’s entirely possible to forge an intense, lasting relationship online. This is true for relationships of all kinds, including between businesses and their customers. When your customers love your brand, they’ll not only shop regularly from you, but they’ll recommend you to their friends and family.

The best kind of referral you can get is a genuine, honest recommendation between friends and family. Can you track it? No. Does that mean you shouldn’t try to build that lasting relationship? Absolutely not.

There’s so much value in developing relationships with your customers and forging a genuine connection with them. If you’re not sure where to start or what you can do to improve your relationship with your customers, then this guide is the perfect place to begin:

Add a Personal Touch

There are so many ways that you can add the much-needed personal touch to your customers’ experiences. At a minimum, you need to use personalization tools. These tools do wonders in helping all your correspondence feel as relevant as possible. If that’s all you’re doing, however, then you’re not standing out enough.

A great, easy way to add that personal touch is to look into actually adding the personal touch, or, in other words, sending handwritten notes. Handwritten notes are typically always open and are a great way to continue the conversation between you and your customers.

Business thank you notes don’t even need to be done by hand. Instead, you can have a robot write out your notes in pen on your behalf.

Continue the Conversation

You need more chances to get in touch and keep the conversation or at least the relationship going. You can run a low-key competition, for example, where customers need to post their purchase online and tag you in order to get entered into a competition for a shopping spree or free gift.

In addition to this, you can ask for reviews, user-generated content, and even a second sale (in this case, by offering a discount code or alternatively a referral code).

Use Personalization to Keep Things Relevant

There’s a fine line between personalizing things and getting too intimate. In general, try to set up your personalization tools so that they’re helpful.

Give free tips, advice, guides, discount codes, and early access to sales — these are the sort of communications that can really help encourage ongoing engagement between you and your customers.

Get Customers to Engage on Social Media

Of course, when it comes to developing and maintaining a relationship with your eCommerce customers, social media should be your go-to option.

You can directly respond to comments and discussions, create content that adds to the conversations around your product or service, and, of course, can develop a sophisticated brand identity through the process. Use any official correspondence you send to help direct customers toward your website and social media profiles.

From there, it’s all about keeping the conversation going. Find ways to do this by either following social media trends, responding to haters with funny videos, showing helpful tips, and so on.

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