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Urvi Singh Biography, Wiki, Height, Weight Family, Age, Career, Net Worth and More

Biography of Urvi Singh

This article’s objective is to supply the readership with information pertaining to Urvi Singh’s biography, and her family, which consists of not only her grandparents and parents but additionally her siblings as well as her boyfriend.

The readership will gain this knowledge by reading this page. In furtherance of this, we are going to talk about Urvi Singh’s filmography, as well as her photographs, height, photos, and age, and her wiki and biography.

Who is Urvi Singh, Biography

Urvi Singh is a well-known tv star, actress, and model from India. She is also an influential figure on a media face, social media, as well as an Internet phenomenon. She rose to prominence in the nation because of her role just like Meenal in the well-known online series known as “Kota Factory.”

The kids of Kota who put in a lot of effort to succeed in their competitive examinations inspired the plot of the movie Kota Factory. Aside from this, Urvi has been in a number of other television shows and soap operas, including ‘The Great Indian Wedding,’ ‘Hamari Bahu Silk,’ and a lot of other programs as well.

Her outgoing personality and keen powers of observation enable her to pick up a lot of new talents while she’s behind the camera. Urvi is also well-known as a user, and she frequently publishes Instagram reels on the account she uses for that purpose.

The majority of her flicks are currently popular. Learn everything there is to know about Urvi Sing by reading the whole article, including her wiki, family, bio, age, caste, birthday, boyfriend, as well as net worth.

Date of Birth and Age of Urvi Singh


Urvi Singh Height Weight

Urvi Singh actually a model as well as an Indian actress who appears in Hindi films along with web series. She is originally from Mumbai, in the state of Maharashtra. She entered the world on September 2, 2002, in Mumbai, which is located in the state of Maharashtra in India.

The age of Urvi Singh is 20 years as of 2023.

Urvi Singh Biography


Real Name Urvi Singh
Date of Birth 2 September 2002
Age 20 Years
Birth Place Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Hometown Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Religion Hinduism
Nationality Indian
Height 5 feet 5 inches(167 cm)
Weight 50 kg (110 lbs)

Urvi Singh Height and Weight

Urvi Singh, the young talent of India is a tall girl who has a good height. Her height is 5 feet 5 inches, which is about 167cm, and the weight of Urvi Sigh is 50 kg, which is approximately almost 110 lbs.

Urvi Singh Biography

Family of Urvi Singh


Father Name Name not known (Banker & Investor)
Mother Name Nidhi Singh (Housewife)
Sisters Name Not have sister
Brother Name Name not known

She makes a point to spend a lot of time with her relatives, and she frequently posts images of those occasions on her accounts on social media. According to the information that has been gathered, her mother’s name is Nidhi Singh, and she is a housewife.

It is not known what her father’s name is, although it is known that he works as an investor and banker.

Her brother has a younger sister whose name is Urvi. The occupation that her brother holds is that of a teacher. However, she has not included any images of herself with her sibling on her Instagram profile.

She identifies as a member of the Rajput caste and practices Hinduism as her religion.

Education of Urvi Singh

Education of Urvi Singh

Education of Urvi Singh


Educational Qualification Graduate in Arts
School JB Petit High School for Girls.
Alma Mater The University of Mumbai

According to the information provided on her Facebook account, she completed her secondary education at JB Petit Girls High School in Bombay. In the year 2017, she submitted her application to attend the University of Mumbai.

2019 marked the year that she received her Bachelor of Arts degree. She had a long-standing interest in the acting profession and was initially drawn to the film industry.

Urvi Singh’s Physical Appearance


Weight: 50 kg (110 lbs)
Height: 5 feet 5 inches(167 cm)
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Skin Tone: Fair
Figure Measurement: 31 – 28– 34

Career of Urvi Singh

Urvi Singh BiCycle

Throughout her time in high school as well as college, Urvi proved to be a very involved student. We discovered this information about her after browsing through her social networking account.

She is an accomplished tennis player who has received a number of accolades over her career. After some time, she got serious about honing her acting chops.

According to her profile on IMDB, she will kick off her acting career in 2019 with a role in a serial opera called “Hamari Bahu Silk.” She made an appearance in 115 different episodes of that show. The year after that, she was given the opportunity to play a role in the television mini-series known as “Butterflies.”

She was also seen in a few shorter videos, like Karan Randhawa’s Goli and Behne Lagaa. In the year 2021, Singh appeared on the popular television series known as The Great Indian Wedding playing the part of Nikita Agarwal.

Year Movies / TV Series
2019 Hamari Bahu Silk.
2020 Butterflies.
2021 Behne Lagaa.

Karan Randhawa: Goli.

The Great Indian Wedding.

2019-2021 Kota Factory.

Urvi Singh Appearing on the TV Show Kota Factory

Urvi had a guest appearance in the 2019 season of the popular online series ‘Kota Factory’ on TVF. She was given the opportunity to portray Meenal Parekh in the drama.

I need to inform you that the 2nd season of ‘Kota Factory’ was shown on September 24, 2021, and it featured the same actors in a new storyline. In addition to that, the producers of the series have disclosed that production on the 3rd season of ‘Kota Factory’ is currently underway.

Boyfriend of Urvi Singh

Boyfriend of Urvi Singh

Urvi seems a young actress who is stunning to look at and quite sweet. On any of her social media handles, she has not disclosed a great deal of information about her relationship. It is probable that she does not have a significant other at this time and that she prefers to concentrate on her professional life.

Aside from this, she enjoys making new friends and hanging out with the ones she already has. She has posted images on social media with her fellow actors from television programs such as Kota Factory as well as Hamari Bahu Silk, as well as from other shows and series.

Net Worth of Urvi Singh

Net Worth of Urvi Singh

As a result of her burgeoning profession, Singh is bringing in a respectable amount of money. As a result of her work on television shows, she would receive a daily pay of approximately INR 25K-28K (in other words).

A rough estimate places Urvi Singh’s net worth at anywhere between two and three crores of Indian rupees (INR).

Facts About Urvi Singh

  • She is such a foodie that she enjoys munching on Maggie between meals.
  • Urvi’s favorite thing to do on Snapchat is take pictures and apply wacky filters to them.
  • In the evenings, when she has some free time, she enjoys going cycling.
  • She favors accessorizing her look with pendants around her neck and lengthy earrings on her earlobes.
  • The pictures from Singh’s lovely photoshoot are currently filling up her social media handle.

She appeared alongside the Punjabi artist Karan Randhawa in the music video for the song “Goli,” which was released in April of 2021.

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