The FRAUD Inquiry Against Chiara Ferragni, Italy’s most Famous Influencer

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Chiara Ferragni Fraund Italian Influencer

Chiara Ferragni, the most popular Italian influencer, is currently the subject of a FRAUD investigation, following her groveling apology to her 30 million admirers for the “misleading claim” that proceeds from pandoro cake sales would go toward funding a children’s hospital.

Last month, Italy’s anti-trust authority penalized Ferragni 1 million euros.

Weeks after apologizing grovelingly to her 30 million fans for her ‘misleading’ assertion that pandoro cake sales would fund a children’s hospital, Chiara Ferragni, Italy’s biggest influencer, is now facing a corruption probe.

Just last month, the anti-trust commission in Italy penalized Ferragni 1 million euros. She has 29.5 million Instagram followers.

The agency said her business misled buyers into thinking they were supporting a Turin hospital with the purchase of the limited-edition Ferragni-branded pandoro Christmas cakes.

Chiara Ferragni Fraund Italian Influencer

The head of the cake company, Alessandra Balocco, and Ferragni are now under investigation for aggravated fraud, according to Italian news source LaPresse, which states that prosecutor Eugenio Fusco of Milan had done so. The news was confirmed by Ferragni’s publicist.

The ‘pandoro-gate’ controversy sparked weeks of outrage and prompted many to wonder how influencers interact with the brands they endorse, particularly in cases where allegations of charitable contributions are made.

Posting to social media, Ferragni, 36, kneels before a Christmas tree while carrying the limited-edition cake she made in a pink box.

According to the agency, her business misled customers into thinking that a donation would be made to a hospital in Turin from the proceeds of the sale of the Balocco pandoro cakes (shown).

Ferragni issued a statement yesterday expressing her calmness and trust in the judiciary’s work in response to news that she was now formally under investigation.

I am confident that this will come to light as a result of the continuing investigation, and I have always acted in good faith, so I am peaceful,’ Ferragni added.

The judicial system and my attorneys have my whole trust. I was ready to help out right away and provide a full account of what transpired.

From her humble beginnings as a fashion blogger, Ferragni has expanded her business empire to include her own line of apparel, accessories, and cosmetics, as well as influencer marketing.

Additionally, she serves on the board of directors for the high-end fashion house Tod’s.

Following the agency’s fine, Ferragni claimed in a video post on Instagram last month that she would no longer associate her charitable work with her business endeavors and that she had not exercised adequate supervision over the communications surrounding the sales of the limited edition pink Balocco pandoro emblazoned with her own logo.

Ferragni, who is a mother of two from her relationship with Italian rapper Fedez, expressed her regret and promised to pay one million euros to Turin’s Regina Margherita Hospital as “concreteness” for her apologies; nonetheless, she stated her intention to contest the fine.

Despite Ferragni and her family’s recent dedication to philanthropic work, they continue to observe the bad aspects of an operation that was carried out with good intentions, as Ferragni expressed to local media on December 15.

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